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Unfortunately, formating a hard drive means wiping all the information on it. What you should do is save everything on the drive to another disk, or burn it to a CD, and then reformat the drive.

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Is it possible to format hard drive without losing files on it?


How do you format disk with out losing data?

you can not format a disk without losing the data, so back up all of your data elsewhere before formatting.

How do I convert my work for word to pdf without losing any of the content?

You can convert your work to pdf without losing any content by first making sure that you saved a copy of your work and then converting it. You probably will not lose your work.

How do you format external hard drive without losing files?

First of all you need backup all your data from the external Drive. Use DVD-R disc or another HDD drive for keeping all your saved data. Only after you are sure that you backed up all your data, you can use the Windows Disc Manager to format your external drive. Right click on My computer Choose MANAGE In the Computer Manager, use the Disc Manager for seeing your drive. Then you'll be able to achieve the format (FORMAT MEEN'S THAT YOUR ALLOWING TO THE DRIVE TO WRITE ON ANY SECTOR)

How can you format a usb flashdrive without losing your data?

If you have both a laptop and a computer, you can transfer the data on either of them and format from the other. Then when you're ready, put the data on the USB again.

How do you format a hard drive without losing files?

Back up all of your files either to a CD or a DVD first. Then you can format and restore your files back to your hard drive.

Can you format an all ready encripted disk without losing the info on it?

No. Formatting a disk erases index and location information.

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