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How can you gain weight and get rid of your developing love handles?

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Exercising will get rid of the love handles. A lot of ab work outs. Gaining weight, you may gain weight by working out because muscle wieghts more than fat. There are meal plans that will help you gain weight, but I don't know of any myself.

A mixture of weight training and cardio exercises will develop muscle and help burn excess fat, increasing weight and reducing those dreaded love handles. Make sure you have a proper weight training programme for maximum results and watch that diet.

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Why do you get love handles?

Love handles are from excess weight. Your genetic code which is the instructions for your body determine where this excess weight is stored.

How do you make your love handles go away for good?

you can't. A strict diet or liposuction will remove them. But if you gain weight they will fill right out again.

Can you get rid of your love handles by walking?

Any exercise will help. But if you watch your calories and do some weight training w/cardio you will loose the love handles. Remember the weight didn't come on over night, be patient w/yourself.

Do you gain weight when in love?

No. But people can gain "relationship weight" which is when you stop trying to impress someone or people and become "lazy" therefore putting on weight.

How do you slim your love handles?

To slim or burn off your love handles you have to burn them off with proper diet and exercise and do certain toning exercises for your love handles Dieting and exercising means eating the right amount of calories and finding a fun a fun weight loss activity - Many weight loss programs can be found at Toning exercises like side bends, Russian twist do help but 80-90% of slimming or getting rid of your love handles is due to proper diet and exercise

How to loose the love handles?

A person can lose love handles by dieting and exercise.

What type of handles cannot be held?


What are handles made of?

Handles in a car are made of plastic........ Love Handles are made cellulite

Just because you have love handles and no double chin could that mean that you're fat?

No, just because you have love handles and no double chin, it does not necessarily mean that you're fat. Even the leanest of people can have love handles. These are hard to tackle, but any type of cardiovascular activity to include brisk walking or jogging will burn calories. If love handles is your only problem area, it won't be too long before the extra weight is shed from there.

Why are love handles called LOVE handles?

ok, when your having intercourse with a man and a women, the man will grab onto the womens hips. They are " making love" therefor they are called "love handles".......there is more answers...:)

How do you burn off love handles?

Short of having lipsuction there's no way to do targeted dieting. Getting rid of love handles would require losing body fat all over, as with any dieting/weight loss scheme.

How can you loose love handles quick something you can do before bad or at the end of the day?

Sort of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. If you want to lose love handles you need to lose fat all over. pick a better diet and stay on it.

How can you make love handles and big thighs smaller?

Cardiovascular exercise such as running or walking or riding a bike for 30-45 minutes a day most days of the week should help burn calories and loose weight. you could do crunches for the love handles and weight training (light weights high reps) for the legs to help tone, but cardio is key

What does chichito mean?

Love handles

How do you get love handles?

by being fat.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love Handles - 1996?

The cast of Love Handles - 1996 includes: Stu Jeffries as Host

I am 14 weight 123 lbs 5'4 feet and 34 in around the hips I am always teased about having love handles I play lots of sports never eat fast food so why do i have them and how can I get rid of them?

123 is a healthy weight for your height. So if you have "love handles" perhaps you should not try to lose weight but tone up. Maybe try some side crunches those should help ;-)

When all else fails, is liposuction the best treatment for love handles?

I believe that liposuction is not the best treatment for love handles. The fat area in the love handles is a difficult area to combat and if the liposuction works, there is a strong chance that the fat will return.

Why are 'love handles' called love handle?

maybe because when people are in relationships/ in love (love) the two people like to hang on to each other there(handles), (therefore lovehandles)

Can skinny girls get love handles?


What are love handles?

Love handles are a term for the fat around your abdomen, or stomach. The term is especially used for the fat that spills over the top of your pants.

What are some tips on how to lose love handles?

There are various tips on how to lose love handles. Some of the best tips on how to lose love handles are eating a healthy low calorie diet, exercising at least 3 days a week, and drinking more water.

What are the release dates for Love Handles Couples in Crisis - 2011?

Love Handles Couples in Crisis - 2011 was released on: USA: 31 May 2011

How do you over come weight loss?

You can look at eating techniques and ways you can gainweight. love yourself for who you are, fat and skinny it doesnt matter. hope this helps! :)

What do you eat to get rid of love handles?

Fibre, Milk, Protein and other natural organic foods like fish, fresh vegetable are best for getting rid of love handles. We provide best solutions and diet plans to lose love handles. For details check our website.