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By giving your dog exercise or just a stroll in a park, a parking lot, or anywhere that would not make the dog sick.

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Why food Chans important?

Because many would go hungry without it. A fox would go hungry without eating rabbits. Rabbits would go hungry without eating... And so on

Your cat is hungry you need to feed her is it ok to feed her when she is about to have her kittens and she is not an outdoor cat?

Unless your cat is overweight, it is Ok to feed it whenever it is hungry. But when a cat is about to give birth it meows loud. That does not necessarily mean it is hungry. Consult a vet for additional details.

How life would be without stoves?

Cold and hungry.

When you are hungry and your stomach does not growl Is that a problem?

No, Gas,air and food cause stomachs to growl. You can still be hungry without the growling sounds.

How do you stop eating when you know you are filled or not anymore hungry and you also know you are an overweight but still continue eating because you still want to eat?

chew gum

What is the past tense verb of be?

present - am / is / are - I am hungry. She is hungry. They are hungry. We are hungrypast - was / were - I was hungry. He was hungry. They were hungry. We were hungrypast participle - been - I have been hungry. She has been hungry. They have been hungry

How do you know when your pet is hungry on RuneScape?

If you go too long without feeding it, it will bark and your character will talk and say something along the lines of, "I think its hungry"

Is ''am'' a ''be'' verb a action verb or a transitive verb?

am is a be verb. The present be verbs are: am -- I am hungry is -- He is hungry. She is hungry. It is hungry are -- They are hungry. We are hungry. You are hungry. The past be verbs are: was -- I/he/she/it was hungry were -- They/we/you were hungry.

How long can you go without eating and no water?

about 3 and a half days but you will be so hungry

How long does food last without electricity?

Your electricity do not eat the food. It depends on how hungry you are.

How do you make yourself feel not hungry without eating?

drink a litre or two of water

What is tiene hambre?

tiene hambre can mean any of the following:He is hungryShe is hungryYou are hungryIs he hungryIs she HungryAre you hungry

What would the world be like without gas or oil?

The world would be dark, hungry, dirty and desperate without oil and gas

How long can rabbits stay hungry?

A hungry rabbit will stay hungry until it is fed. It is important to give a rabbit food and water every day. If they go without water for three days, they will stop eating and their health will rapidly decline.

If a dog goes two days without eating will it eat you?

No, it will not. It will be hungry, but not that hungry. That being said, no dog should be left for days without food and water. In most places that would violate animal abuse laws, and in any case it is inhumane.

How old do you have to be to work at hungry jacks in Queensland?

To work at Hungry Jacks in Queensland Australia you must be 14 years old and have a parent's signed permission. You can work at Hungry Jacks at 14 years 9 months old without a parent's permission.

What is a cats defence?

defence is to protect the animals and its siblings, to get food when they are hungry and to live without hurt.

When was Hungry Hungry Hippos created?

Hungry Hungry Hippos was created in 1978.

How can you starve yourself without feeling hungry?

It is not really possible to not eat (starve) and not feel hungry. Starving oneself is dangerous, though, and hunger is a sign that the body needs nutrients and energy to survive.

How do you diet without starving?

The only diet I've seen that seems to work without making you TOO hungry is the low-carb one (Atkins, etc), but honestly, you have to expect to be hungry sometimes if you're losing weight, and if you intend to keep it off. The only reason I stay thin is because I let myself get hungry, I'm not afraid of it and I learn to deal with it. You don't HAVE to eat just because you're hungry. Hunger is just a fact of life; to be thin you have to embrace it. == == == ==

Where are most coach purses made?

hungry hungry

What is the plural of hungry?

'Hungry' is an adjective, and adjectives in English do not have plural forms: 'The boy was hungry.' 'The boys were hungry.'

As hungry as a what?

as hungry as a louce

Can you eat this sandwich why?

it defines if you are hungry or not , if you hungry you can eat and because your hungry

Are wolves always hungry?

no wolves are not allways hungry.They are not as hungry as sharks.