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I don't know if your mum will let you do this but you can play on minecraft central for free (this illegal and make sure you asked your parents even though they may not let you). I don't play illegally. I have a premium minecraft account.

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Make sure you have no account on or just sign out. Go to download minecraft.

Open up minecraft and press login with out any username or password.

It will say login failed and then press play offline.


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Q: How can you get a Minecraft account fre?
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How o you get a fre DA in Dragon Fable?

please give me the DA account for free

Where to go when you want a free Minecraft account?

Anyone can register a free Minecraft account on the Minecraft website.

Does anybody have a Minecraft account i can use?

Anyone can make a Minecraft account at

What do you put in for a permium Minecraft account?

A full minecraft account costs $26.95

Do you need to register your account to get Minecraft?

You must register your account to play Minecraft, however, anyone can download Minecraft.

Is it the account or the download that costs in Minecraft?

It's not the account that costs in Minecraft; it's the download. The cost to download Minecraft is $19.99.

How do you get Minecraft premium?

You have to get an account on the real minecraft website.

When you buy Minecraft does it do it for the account you have or that computer?

It is your account that is made premium. You could log into your account from any PC that has the Minecraft client.

How do you get premium on Minecraft?

You have to get an account on the real minecraft website.

When you make an account on minecraftnet can you also use it on minecraft launcher?

If you own Minecraft on that account then YES!

Does getting a Minecraft account free?

Yes, the Minecraft account is free, just not a premium one.

How much does it cost to download and have an account on Minecraft?

It costs $20 to get a premium account and download minecraft.