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Contact the clerk or court administrator where the bankruptcy was discharged. The clerk will inform the involved party of the procedure needed to obtain the necessary documents.

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Q: How can you get a copy of discharge papers?
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How can I get a copy of MY ARMY discharge papers?

How can i go about getting a copy of my Honorable discharge from the Army?

How do I get a copy of my army national guard discharge papers?

Through the state headquarters.

Where can you get a copy of bankruptcy paperwork?

You can get copy of bankruptcy paperwork and also your bankruptcy discharge papers, schedule of creditors at

How do you get copy of DD214 Marine Discharge Papers?

See the related link below. Click the link and follow the directions.

How can you get a copy of parole discharge papers in California?

You may request them from the CDCR or file a Freedom of Information Act request with the state.

Where can you get your bankruptcy discharge paper?

In most cases it will be sent to you by the bankruptcy court. If you need another copy or have not received your discharge papers when you believe you should have then contact the bankruptcy court to obtain them.

I need A copy of my honorable discharge papers from the army from 1984?

You need to contact the National Personnel Records Centre. See related link.

How can you get a copy of your lien papers?

copy it by a copy machine

How do we get a copy of a deceased family member's army discharge papers?

You could try two ways. One is to have the executor/administrator contact the army to request a copy of the discharge papers. The army will have certain procedures and paperwork, with which you will have to comply. The second is to see if your particular state records them. In New Jersey, veterans' discharge papers are recorded just the way deeds are recorded in order to ensure that they could be retrieved in the event the veteran lost the originals. Contact the state or county recording office to inquire about that.

Who files the discharge papers?

People in the administration will end up filing the discharge papers, however most are recycled after their entry into the database

What can you use for discharge?

The soldier received his discharge papers from the army. The discharge from the car's tailpipe contains pollution.

Will your discharge papers list all the creditor that was discharge?

Yes your papers will list all the creditor that was discharged. I did some research and found out myself.

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