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Divorce instruction according to Quran, Surah 65:1-6.

AnswerIn Islam, there is something called Al-Esma which is the right to divorce. Only one spouse could have this and its usually the husband unless she asks for it when they marry. whoever has Al-Esma can divorce by saying the word, I divorce you. Saying it a million times at the same time all counts as one "divorce" attempt. After that, a certain amount of time have to pass (months) before signing the legal papers and go different ways. This time is giving to reconsider. If they decided to go through with the divorce then it becomes final. they can't marry each other again after until she marries another man and devorces again. If they decide not to go through with the devorce, they can choose to stay married. But they only have two chances to take each other back and resume the marrage. If it happens twice, the third time is final whether they like it or not.

After they devorce, The husband pays allomony for the wife only if she's pregnant or they have kids (if she wanted his money I guess she should've stayed married to the guy lol). Also, the assets are not divided between them, whatever you bring in to the marrage you take with you and what you earn during is yours. I guess this system is best to keep the spouses rights during the marriage and also give the marriage every chance to succeed and think long and hard before getting a devorce.

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Q: How can you get a divorce if you are married according to Muslim law?
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In UK is it legal to have two wives under Muslim law?

i am british divorced under UK law but still married under Muslim law can my ex remarry at the mosque without my permission, he wont give me divorce under Muslim law ?help please

How many day do you have to wait to get married after a divorce?

6 months according to CA law

What is the process for Muslim woman to divorce her husband?

In Islam (Sharia Law) it is forbidden. Men hold all of the power and once married, the woman is married for life.

Can you be married going through a divorce marry somebody else at the same time according to calforina law?

No. Until your divorce is finalized by the court, you are still married. Getting married to a different person during your divorce proceedings would be bigamy.

Does a Muslim have to be married according to the Islamic law?

Sure. A Muslim has to follow the Islamic teachings in all aspects of life including marriage.

Who are the primary heirs according to Muslim law?

Muslim Law varies from country to country. You have not mentioned the country to which the Muslim law has reference to.

My husband didn't get a common law marriage divorce before we got married. Am I married?

It depends on the state you live in and whether the common law marriage was recognized under state law. If it was then he needs to get a divorce from his first wife and you are not legally married.

Can a couple married in maronite church asking a divorce?

According to Maronite beliefs, divorce is forbidden by Maronite law

Can you get a divorce if your common law married?

If you live in a state that recognizes your common law marriage then if you decide to end it you must obtain a divorce.

If married in California and live in Nevada then divorce in Nevada which state law files the divorce?


Do you have to get a divorce if you are common law married in the state of Texas?

Yes, if you meet the requirements for being common law married, which are extensive.

What is marriage legal separtion?

According to Christianity, once you're married, you're married for life. Christianity doesn't recognize or condone divorce, so if you marry, divorce, and remarry, according to Christianity it is adultery. However, the law is more reasonable than Christianity and does recognize divorce (not in all countries though). So the law will recognize that you are separated and your official status for tax and other purposes will legally be "Single", but the Catholic religion says you're still married.

Do you file for divorce if you are common law married in South Carolina?

There is no such thing as a common law divorce. However, you are not common law married until and unless you get a decree of common law marriage from a judge. The link below is a full discussion of South Carolina Common Law Marriage.

Can a legally married couple who have lived apart fo thirteen years get a common law divorce?

If you live in the US there is no such thing as common law divorce.

What age women should a Muslim man marry?

The minimum woman age to get married differs according to the civilian law in each country.

Will the marriage be valid if a married Muslim woman marries without divorce?

in a civilized world, a married person, whether man or woman cannot marry another person without getting divorced from their present spouse, no matter what religion they are. If they do marry without divorce it is called 'bigamy" and against the law.

If you are us citizen but you got married in Bangladesh do you have to go back to Bangladesh to file for a divorce?

yes, according to law, you have to come to bangladesh to file for divorce , unless you live in florida, & living there for over 6months.

Can you date at anytime during your divorce?

You are free to date whether you are married or not but keep in mind that you are married until your divorce decree is final. There is no law that addresses dating during a divorce but it may be used against you in some way during the divorce proceeding.

If an English women married and divorced a Turkish man in England what happens if the Turkish law does not recognize the divorce in Turkey?

Nothing happens if you marry and divorce him in England that is the law. You will have papers to prove your divorce and Turkey will accept that.

Can a woman ask for the jewish divorce if the husband does not agree?

According to Jewish law, a woman can not file for divorce.

How do you file for a divorce in the US by the Islamic way?

This question is contradictory. By definition, US law is not the same as Islamic law. To have your marriage recognised in the US, you must be able to be declared as married according to US law. Similarly, your divorce must be recognised under US law, whose requirements are separate to those of Islamic law.Divorce law obviously varies from state to state, but at a minimum you will have to contact your local registry office and ask them for a certificate of divorce. You will be able to submit evidence of your divorce under Islamic law as part of that request, but you will still most likely have to fill out a form.

Can you legally marry your father in law?

If you have obtained a divorce from your spouse, in most jurisdictions you could marry your former father-in-law as long as he isn't already married.If you have obtained a divorce from your spouse, in most jurisdictions you could marry your former father-in-law as long as he isn't already married.If you have obtained a divorce from your spouse, in most jurisdictions you could marry your former father-in-law as long as he isn't already married.If you have obtained a divorce from your spouse, in most jurisdictions you could marry your former father-in-law as long as he isn't already married.

I married in the U.S. to a Costa Rican. He moved back to Costa Rica. How can you get a divorce?

If you marry under the law of a certain country you have to divorce under its law as well. So file divorce in the states and send it over to him for him to sign it.

Is there divorce in Hinduism?

No, according to Religious Scriptures husband and wife should stay together for 7 lives. However according to current law there is divorce.

Filed married on income tax but only common law do you need a divorce because you have broken up?

Many people misunderstand what a common law marriage is. The conventional wisdom is that it is just a polite term for shacking up together. Few states recognize common law marriages. If you happen to be a resident of one of those states and you meet the state's requirements for a common law marriage, you are legally married just as much as if you had gone before a preacher or a justice of the peace and said "I do." A common law marriage is not just a temporary living arrangement until you get bored with it and decide to split up. It is a legally binding marriage. And there is no such thing as a common law divorce. If you have actually entered into a common law marriage in a state where it is recognized, you stay married until you get a divorce decree from a judge. If you break up and don't get a divorce, you will be committing bigamy if you get married again and your new marriage will be null and void. For tax purposes, you can file as married only if you are in a legally recognized marriage (including a legally recognized common law marriage). If you didn't enter into the marriage in a state where common law marriage is recognized, you cannot file as married even if you happen to think of yourself as married (or common law married). If you were not legally married (common law or otherwise), you need to amend the tax returns where you filed as married. If you had a legal common law marriage, then the only way to end it is with a divorce and you need to keep filing as a married person (either jointly or separately) until you have such a divorce.