Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

How can you get a friend bow on explorers of darkness?

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I heard that if you are lucky, The guild master will give it to you in the treasure bag.

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What version is the friend bow in?

explorers of time or explorers of darkness (I'm positive explorers of time has it because i own it, not sure about darkness

How do you get the friend bow in explorers of darkness?

you can get it as a reward for misions sometimes.

Where can you find a Friend Bow in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

Well, since they r mystery dungions, u can find them any where but note: they r extremly rare!

What effect does a friend bow have in Pokemon darkness?

friendship 10% up

Can you get Dialga in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness?

i am just about 100% sure u can get dialga in Pokemon mystery dungeon darkness i never did yet but im going to but if u can you should take a friend bow to increase the chances that you will. -the poke guy

Can you recruit Latios and Latias without a golden mask or friend bow?

they are recruted in the story in explorers of time/ darkness you must have a secret slab or mystary part for sky(5floor/10floor spacal rift)

How do you friend bow for explorers of the sky?

You dont friend bow anyone... You just have the leader hold the bow and it increases the chances of recruitment. the golden mask is the best thing though next is the amber tear

Where do you find a friend bow in Pokemon explorers of sky?

i think you get it around the beginning of the game

Wonder mails codes for friend bow in Pokemon explorer of darkness?

Go to and click Mystery Dungeon 2. You can create your own wondermail and choose the rewards!!! It doesn't work for explorers of sky though. :(

Where is spindas cafe in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

They don't have it in Explorers of Darkness, only in Explorers of Sky

Full Pokemon explorers of darkness walkthrough?

there's a lot of darkness explorers i can not name them

What items make it easier to recruit Pokemon explorers of sky or darkness?

get either a friend bow(missions)golden mask(zero isle n)or an amber tear.those items and ur level is all u got srry.

How can you see jirachi in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

how can i see jirachi at 23F in pokemon explorers of darkness?

In mystery dungeon explorers of time or darkness are there friend areas?

no there are not there is an assembely at the guild though where all the Pokemon u recruit will be there

How can you get a Friend bow?

There is a Wonder Mail available. For Explorers of Time and Darkness: Client:Charmander Mission Objective: Rescue Aerodactyl Dungeon: Beach Cave (1F) Reward: Money+Friend Bow Wonder Mail: 3+-J W%JX #-7H FC3X 4M57 X07+ If you have a different game. Go search up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Put game here) Wonder Mail Generator. Actually, I suggest you get an Amber Tear or a Golden Mask, as it is more effective than a Friend Bow. Happy Recruiting!

Where can you find a Friend Bow in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time?

Enter this Wonder Mail password to get the Friend Bow: ??6? 9?F? 4?66 (male sign)1?N F??6 K7??

The differences between explorers of time and darkness?

Certain Pokemon only appear in explorers of time. Same thing, certain Pokemon only appear in explorers of darkness.

How do you get riolu in explorers of darkness?

You can't it comes only in explorers of sky

Arceus and Shaymin in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

Arceus and Shaymin are in Pokemon Explorers of Sky,i dont know if its in Darkness.?

Which Pokemon mystery dungeon is better explorers of time and darkness or explorers of sky?

That would be personal opinion but Explorers of the sky do have alot of extras added that time and darkness dont have.

Is Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers darkness and explorers of time the same?

yes it is

What do you do in explorers of darkness?

Go to and go under Video Games and click on Mystery Dungoen- Explorers of Time & Darkness. It will tell you all about it.

How do you get a secret slab in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

look it up on google ("pokemon explorers of darkness secret slab") and enter it on the main menu

Is it bad if you lose a bow in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

Yes, because your bow increases the power of your team when you have it so it is bad if you lose the bow you start off with (if it is a friend bow, that does not matter as much because it only increases the recruitment rate by 10 percent)

How do you evolve Eevee into umbreon in mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

You use a lunar ribbon and you can only get a lunar ribbon in explorers of darkness and a sun ribbon (eevee evolves into espeon) in explorers of time

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