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How can you get a headdress in a animal jam?


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how can we get a headdress in animal jam

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The only possible way to get a headdress is to trade.

To get a headdress on animal jam you can either trade with someone or aa lucky chance of getting one on sky high.

Headdresses are rare items in animal jam so you can't buy them anymore.The best way to get a headdress is to trade for one

The Headdress on Animal Jam will never come back unless it does in October.

No, sadly there aren't any codes for a free headdress on Animal Jam. If anyone is claiming they have a code for a "free headdress" they are most likely fibbing and looking to scam someone from their items. I hope my answer helps, happy jamming!

Depending on what you like, a non are headdress could be with a long rare spike collar!

There are no legit codes for headdress(as of now). Any services or software offering headdress codes are fake and most likely a hack.

This is not the place to ask that question. Seek assistance in the official Animal Jam forums.

The headdress is usally worth maybe a beard or a party hat (red) and or a founders. This is what i think it is worth

I don't no any but I no a code for a headdress I am reil4 on animal jam give me your pass and user by email it is

They are sold on the last Monday in Oct. ONLY!

You trade jammers. But be careful, someone might scam you if you are trading it!

to get a headdress.. just trade ppl rares and rare furniture! its easy.. u only trade someone for a headdress if they have it on trade... be sure to be nice and play wild! :)

The rare, original pink clown mask from 2011 on Animal Jam is worth at least 3 spikes, or a headdress.

What I have heard is to wait for November for the bow and arrow headdress.

If you were an early enough jammer you could get it on a certain Monday.

the horse coin or headdress or spike :3

Neon bows are beta but depending on if the headdress is rare it's better but if it's not a rare a neon bow and headdress would be considered at equal value.

a rare headdress, rare spike, beta, rare bows

No becuase demon masks come every Halloween.

Yes, there is a way to get a headdress, it is by trading or doing a mailtime video (like some people) whoever asked, thanks for asking! :) i hope i get more questions soon! ~Fgghh11834

i will tell you julian2's pass if you send me a rare headdress on animal jam i am keoni2005

a viking is worth a headdress a rare spike a rare claw a founders hat and orange beard lol

The fox hat is worth 4 rares, a non rare headdress or a fair list. add me im imogen888

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