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Go out for sports and do your best. If they see that you are good, they would probably want to have you on the team when you are in high school.

Try talking to them. It never hurts to start a conversation.

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Q: How can you get a high schooler to like you when you are in middle school?
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How much sleep should a middle schooler get?

im in middle school and a middle schooler should sleep for like 8 or more hours i would recommen at least 9 or 10 and eat a good breakfast!

Is it ok to like a guy whose in high school and your in junior high?

Of coarse it is actually a lot of middle schoolers find high schooler hot and have crushes on them. There is nothing wrong with it and besides you can not help who you like. So you should go for it and tell this guy how you feel! Good Luck!

How do you get a 14 year old boy to like a 11 year old girl?

It's almost impossible. Sorry, but a middle schooler/soon to be high schooler and a elementary kid doesn't exactly work out.

If you like a middle school guy what do you do?

it depends. if your in high school, im going to say maybe you shouldn't mess with a middle schooler, because they're probably not mature enough for you, but try if you'd like, you might find that it might work :D I need help i like a guy in school that practicly does not know i exised exept after someone told him i like him but i don't think he seen my face and don't go talking 'bout stuff like flirting they don't do that anymore

If you like some on that is in high school and your in middle school what do you do?

dont go out with them

Why high school is better than middle school?

High school is so much memories and fun like prom and homecoming. Middle school is nice and calm not as many memories.

What is school like in China for children?

They learn what we learn in high school when they are in middle school or grade school.

How much does a part time job pay a high schooler?

like $7.50 an hour

How high are middle school hurdles?

depends... I am a middle schooler and I can jump very high. But when I do highjump at school they start the bar at just below 1 meter or a meter then rise. If your jumping with me I jump from 1.30 to 1.50 meters. It depends on many things like who your vs-ing and where you are (school or club) and etc. Highjump is a fun activicty all ages ( mostly 4+ ) enjoy and do.

What do middle schoolers mean when they ask each other out?

Well, you see, it means that they are asking each other out. Dating is not all that super important as it seems as a middle schooler, but if you like someone and they like you, you should go out and have fun. I personally don't think that you can ever TRULY date as a middle schooler, but you can almost-date, as I say.

What do if you know who someone likes a girl but they know who you like?

Well from the point of view from a high schooler, it doesnt matter what other people think or do so if the other person tells whoever you like that you like her, just be like "yeah whatever.". Dont act like it matters to you. I remember when i was in like middle school i used to get soo embarrassed if someone told who i liked. pretty dumb of me.

What was cyndi laupers childhood like?

it was great...she went to a elementary school, middle school, and high school,but dropped out of high school 2 years early