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Here is advice: * You can't. You must at least have a job. They can get around credit and debt. * I would refinance student loans first. If they are federal, ask for a deferment due to unemployment. Federal student loans have lower interest rates than any unsecured loan someone will give you in your situation. Call bill companies and try to work out a payment plan, let them know you are in a difficult financial situation. I doubt you can find a loan. Try to get a job, save up a few paystubs, and then go to one of those Cash Advance Places where you write them a check and they cash it later. Their interest rates are high though. They will report positive information to the credit bureaus if you pay them on time. And as soon as you pay them off, they�ll let you finance another one the same day. This may help with some quick cash to keep up utilities, but interest rates can be 20% or more on what you borrow. It can also help your credit. Can you put your car title up as collateral with a finance company? They may have better rates. Good Luck. But all is not lost, there are still ways to get bad credit personal loans and get yourself back on track, please see related links for details

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Q: How can you get a loan with bad credit and no job and no house to refinance to pay off bills and student loans?
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Is it better to short sale a house or refinance to get credit in good standing?

It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.It's better to refinance. A short sale will reflect negatively on your credit record.

Can you get a refinance loan with a credit score of 400 if your house is in foreclosure?

Your house is in forclosure, this means you do not pay your mortgage. Unlikely a bank would take such a risk!

What do you have to do to refinance your mortgage?

You have to go to the bank that has the loan on your house. They will have you fill out a bunch of paperwork. After that they will refinance your house.

Can your house be taken from you in Wa state for unpaid medical or credit card bills?


If you have thousands of dollars in student loans and credit cards and hospital bills should you try to get a loan?

Sure, why not have one payment with a less interest rate? Maybe refiance your house at the same time.

Our son is going to college and we want to refinance our house, where can we go to get a triple credit report?

You can get credit reports from all three major credit bureaus from It is free once per year. Otherwise you will have to pay.

Does cell phone or house phone bills effect credit scores?

yes,especially if it is unpaid!

Can I refinance my mortgage if I have low equity in my house?

Yes it is possible to refinance your house if you have low equity. But you must have at least 20 percent equity before your refinance will be apporoved.

Should you pay student loan with line of credit?

I heard you can write off you student loan if you put it on your house/line of credit. But i thought you could do that anyway. Anyone know?

Is it easier for a person with poor credit to refinance their house with the help of a cosigner who has excellent credit?

It can be easier if you use their credit by putting them on title on the home and use there credit, however they will be responsible for the loan and be on title as at least a part owner. If you use another persons credit to do a refinance, the other person must in most title states be put on title and will be responible for the loan even if you both sign which you would have to do.

Will taking out another credit card help improve my credit score so I can refinance my house?

No, if you have some credit card problems some house financers will help you with the refinancing costs by putting the cost at a reasonable rate, therefore helping you suceed withoit making your credit card suffer consequences and debts.

How are bills introduced in the house?

Bills can be introduced to the house by the house speaker.

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