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Make an Infopass appointment at for your local USCIS office. You will have to pay $180, I believe for the new card.

You have to file Form I-90 to get your lost green card replaced.

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Q: How can you get a new green card if you lost yours?
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How can you find Alien Registration number on website I lost my green card and i need to find it........?

If you actually had a green card and you lost it, take your passport to the local Immigration office and fill out the form to replace it. They will put a temporary stamp in your passort while you wait for your new green card.

How do you activate your new cell phone?

i lost green actavtion card how can getthe actavtionnumber

Lost green card can you become a US citizen without it?

No you cannot become US citizenship without a green card.For a new green card to replace the lost one you should file Immigration Form I-90. Only with a green card as proof for your lawful permanent resident status you can even start the naturalization process. to become US citizen.

Can you apply for a new green card if you change your name?

Yes you should.File immigration Form I-90 for green card replacement with new is important to file a green card replacement (Form I90) at once to make sure that you have a valid green card.

Your wife lost her green card and in order to get a new card she needs her alien number How do you find it?

I just recently lost my alien card and was at a loss when asked for an alien number to reapply for a new card. I finally called my birth country's consulate( in this case the Korean consulate in nyc) and they were very obliging to give me the alien # over the phone after a few questions.

How do you write a request letter for duplicate PAN card?

A PAN card is a card that identifies someone's permanent account number in India. To write a letter to request a new one, simply date the letter and title it "To Whom It May Concern," then ask for a new card since yours was lost or stolen and sign your name on it with your PAN number and address.

Need new discount card lost mine?

yes i do lost mine

How do you get a new foid card if you lost your card?

FOID stands for Firearm Owner Identification. If you lost your FOID card, to get a new one, you must apply at the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau.

What should you do if you lost your library card?

get a new one

You lost your membership card how can you have a new one?

you have to renew it

How can you replace a lost Navy Federal Union bank card?

If you have lost a debit card, you need to call the bank immedicately and report that it is lost and they will issue you a new one.

Do new green card holders have to pay back taxes?

The only time a green card holder is forgiven for working illegally or owing taxes is if they obtain the green card through marriage to a US citizen.

How can you write a letter for availing a new ATM card the original one was lost?

SBU : request to issue to apply a new card

Which attorney in New York specializes in Green Card applications?

Bretz & Coven, LLC, is an immigration law firm that specializes in Green Card applications. Green Card lawyers help persons to gain their Green Cards as quickly as possible.

How do you find a lost library card?

Search everywhere for it. If you still can't find it, go to the library to tell them that you lost it and apply for a new library card. that happened to me once and i just applied for a new one.

What do you do if you lose your phone memory card?

Buy a new one ! You will have lost any data that was on the original card.

What should you do if you lose you debit or credit card?

Call your bank to block the lost card then visit bank and issue new card

What do you do if you lost your credit card?

Call the credit card company and tell them it is stolen. They will probably cancel your card and issue you with a new one.

How long do you have to stay married to get a green card?

How long do I have to stay married in order to obtain a green card in the state of New york (specifically, nyc)?

Can you get a new library card because you lost your old one?


How do you apply for green card after returning it to the immigration?

If I have understood clearly, then you mean to say that you have returned your green card back to the immigration. Can you be more clear about why you had to give back your card? If your green card was revoked by the USCIS, then your are chances of applying to get a new one is very thin. You have to give in your green card when you have taken the Oath of allegiance during the naturalization process. In that case, you will not require the Green card as you would have become a US citizen by that time.

iv lost my cna certificate/paper card, how do i get a new one ?

Contact the Kansas Secretary of State and explain that you have lost yor CNA certificate. They will be able to direct you through the process of obtaining a new card.

You have lost your hunter safety card and need a new one?

No, I haven't. If you have lost your hunter safety card, you should call the Division Of Wildlife in your state.

How do I activate my new card redeem my points from a lost card and transferred to my new account?

You can activate the new card by either calling the phone number on the sticky or by visiting their website. Hopefully you notified the credit card company about the stolen card so that it can be cancelled in their systems. After activating your new card call them to make the transfer.

Can a person travel with an expired green cARD?

No.Under U.S. Immigration Law, Lawful Permanent Residents must carry their Green Card at all times. Lawful Permanent Residents who cannot produce their Green Card as evidence of status may have difficulty establishing authorization to work, travel or apply for financial services or government benefits. Therefore, if your Green Card is lost or stolen, it is important to replace it right away. If the cardholder has reached his or her 14th birthday, child cardholders must undergo registration and fingerprinting within 30 days after their 14th birthday.Then they are reissued new green cards with new information.