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Getting a Smaller Butt Without Exercising Here are recommendations from FAQ Farmers:

  • Go for a jog every 2-3 days for 45 minutes-1 hour and cut down on your calorie intake.
  • 1. Try walking up stairs. 2. Do Squats (Without weight. Additional weight will build muscle under fat, making your butt bigger). 3. Lie on your front and do leg raises with your leg bent.
  • If you eat a lot of junkie carbs (candy, soda, white bread or pasta, etc.), I suggest you cut down on them.
  • Do lunges. You take a step with your right leg that makes it so your right thigh is parallel with the ground and your lower leg is perpendicular. your left lower leg is parallel and your left thigh is perpendicular. Then step forward. Repeat with other leg. If you do them right, it won't feel too hard the first day you do them but then the next day OH MAN! I do 5 sets of 10 with 8 lb weights in my hands. I do them every other day and my butt is getting tinier! Also, you can try even lower weights. Lower weights + more reps = toning/reduction. Higher weight + less reps = building.
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Q: How can you get a smaller butt without exercise equipment?
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Is there an exercise to make your butt smaller?

Push ups--from the table.

What is the best exercise to make your butt smaller?

Lunges and squats will make your butt smaller. Dont expect to lose the weight in your butt instantly because the butt is usually the last part of your body to lose weight.

Does riding a stationary bike make your butt bigger or smaller?

The easy answer is, neither bigger or smaller. Your butt is just sitting there. Think of aerobic exercise as a whole body exercise. However, it will get smaller if you are starting with a more than average fat supply. And, if your intensity and mileage is high enough, you will be building muscle in your legs, and butt area, but most people will not experience a bigger butt.

Can doggy style make my butt grow bigger?

No the exercise might make it smaller

What are some of the health benefits of using elliptical exercise equipment?

Elliptical Exercise Equipment can help benefit you exactly as a bike does. This is with cardio, lung capacity, leg muscles and the gluteus maximus (butt).

What butt exercises get you a smaller butt?

squats with butt steroids

Does doggy style make your butt smaller?

Don't believe this belongs in "Exercise" But to answer your question,,,,only if you do it an awful lot.

How do i make my butt smaller?

Well if your a girl and you are thin , having a bigger butt is not bad , same goes for men , but if u wana go through with it , i suggest you do butt crunches , you flex your butt for 2 seconds and then release , and repeat this , its like an exercise

How do you exercise to get a smaller butt indoors?

even when yous sitting down, clench your butt as hard as you can and relax it, repeat 10 sets of 10 whenever you can and it should firm up in no time

What sexual position makes your butt bigger?

No sexual position will make your butt bigger. Sex being a fairly vigorous exercise, it is likely to make it smaller should you continue for long enough.

If your butt is already small will running make it even smaller?

If you are carrying excess fat at the moment and you are running enough to lose fat then you may lose fat of your butt and make it appear smaller. However, if that is the case you will have a leaner, tighter and better toned butt! Running and other aerobic exercise are not very effective at changing the shape of your body (short of losing excess fat) so if you want to build a bigger more shapely but then resistance exercise is best. Squats and lunges are great butt and thigh builders.

How do you get a nice butt?


How do you increase your butt size?

You exercise and bulk up the muscle in your butt and your butt will look and be larger.

What if you have a big butt but you have dents on your butt checks?

You live with it or exercise. That is what the treadmill is for.

Can the back bridge exercise be done by keeping your butt in the air for a minute?

It is hard to do the back exercise by keeping your butt in air for a minute.

Do mustard greens make your butt bigger?

No they do not. Too much food and insufficient exercise is the usual reason for a person having a "Big Butt". The solution to "fat butt syndrome" is obvious. Don't eat rubbish/snack/fast foods at all. Eat less (have smaller portions) and exercise (walk or run briskly/rapidly) more and more often.

How do you reduce butt size?


What exercise is good for the butt?


What techniques that make your butt grow without food or exercise?

You could obtain a butt augmentation implant (the same procedure which is used more commonly for breasts) although why you would want to, I cannot say.

Will treadmill exercise help to make your butt smaller?

You can do cardio exercise on a treadmill to lose body fat. Cardio exercise is excellent for fat loss. For more information, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Is it true that if you exercise your butt gets a little bigger?

no it does not get bigger

Does exercise helps strokes?

how big is my butt

What makes your butt grow?

Lack of exercise

What did Buffie the Body do to get her butt?

Genetics and exercise

What exercise helps to get a bigger butt?