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A thick behind is often a function of genetics and working out.

Very true... Being thick and healthy like those girls comes from genes, and good eatin. I'm not saying get fat. But you cant just up, and work youself up to those girls. Expecially being An African American female the majority of us have natural curves, and big booties; we are blessed with them. So don't try to live up to the women you see on tv, most of them our born that way. The more exercise you do, the more fat you burn, which can make you decrese your curves. (try running, and stair master exercises, they shape your bottom) So if you come from a family, and your mom, or her mom, or other women in the family really don't have any curves, or are thick like that. Than most likely, you will not be.

So remember its Genetics, and weight, the proportions of your body, and how you are shaped, not everyone can have a big booty.

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