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How can you get an egg in Pokemon emerald?

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Leave to Pokemon of the same type or same species in day care. Wait a while. Revisit the man outside to claim your egg.

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How do you get an egg in Pokemon emerald?

It is possible to get an egg that will hatch into a Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version. You can get one by breeding Pokemon.

What is the Sacred Emerald Egg in Pokemon Emerald?

no such thing

What hatches out the egg in emerald?

A Pokemon.

What is the Pokemon in the egg from the lady that gives it you in Pokemon emerald?


Can you get a larvitar on Pokemon emerald version?


Does the egg change Pokemon depending on which starter Pokemon you pick in Pokemon emerald?


Can a regi have an egg in Pokemon Emerald?

a regi cannot have a egg in any Pokemon game because they are nongendered

How does a Egg Hatch in Pokemon Emerald?

yes tou can

Can you hatch a bad egg in Pokemon emerald?


What is in the egg you get at lavaridge town in Pokemon emerald?


Is mew egg real in Pokemon emerald?


How long does it take for an egg to hatch on Pokemon Emerald?

i don't have Pokemon emerald, but the answer is always the same. not how long. how many steps. walk ALOT and the egg will slowly start to hatch

What Pokemon do you get out off the egg in emerald?

you get a wynaut from the old lady

What is the Pokemon emerald code for instant egg hatch?


Can Salamence learn hydro pump in Pokemon Emerald?

Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

How can you get Azurill in Pokemon Sapphire without using Pokemon Emerald?

hach an egg or surf

On Pokemon emerald can you have two different Pokemon have an egg?

yes but they must have different genders

On Pokemon emerald can you put a male Pokemon in the daycare with a Ditto and get an egg?

yes actually you can

How do you get a Wynaut egg in Pokemon Emerald?

the old lady in leveridge town will give you the egg of wynaut.

How do you make a sterter egg in Pokemon emerald?

Put a starter with a ditto in the Pokemon daycare and wait for an egg hatch it to get the baby starter.

How do you get Togepi in emerald?

You can only get Togepi in Pokemon Emerald by trading from another game. Togepi is a baby egg Pokemon that prior to Gen 4 was normal type Pokemon.

How do i gain a bad egg in Pokemon emerald?

i don't think this is possible.

What is the gameshark code to get rid of bad egg in Pokemon emerald?


Was there a legendary Pokemon in bad egg in emerald?

no! it just freezes your game

How do you get a bad egg in Pokemon emerald?

when you become the Pokemon champion you will be at you r home and check your Pokemon and see that the last Pokemon will be in the PC maybe or be gone and right in its spot will be the bad egg

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