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How can you get chance as an assistant director?

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Get a degree or earn your way up through television, or both. To see what I mean, read the article links. Hope this helps.

2008-03-14 17:38:26
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Q: How can you get chance as an assistant director?
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Difference between associate director and assistant director?

what is the difference between associate and assistant director? which has higher rank and credibility? Associate director outranks assistant director

What position is higher Senior Associate Director of Admissions or Senior Assistant Director of Admissions?

An Assistant Director is higher than an Associate Director. So I imagine that the Senior Assistant Director is higher on the chain of command than the Senior Associate Director.

Is and associate position higher than an assistant director?

Depends on the organization. In my organization, an Assistant Director, is lower than an Associate Director and an Associate Director lower than a Director.

Who won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1937?

In Old Chicago won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1937.

Who won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1934?

Viva Villa! won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1934.

Who won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1932?

Charles Barton (Paramount) won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1932.

Who won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1936?

The Charge of the Light Brigade won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1936.

Who won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1935?

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer won the Oscar for Assistant Director in 1935.

What assignment did Asher get in The Giver?

Director of RecreationAssistant Director of Recreation

When did Dan Gable become Assistant Athletic director for Iowa State?

Never. I am not sure when he became Assistant Athletic Director for the University of Iowa.

What is an Assistant Director of Recreation?

i dont know

What does a theater assistant director do?

A theater assistant director helps cast a play, helps with directing the plays and anything else the director asks them to do. They may assist with lines, blocking and costuming as well.

What does a technical assistant do?

They would do almost the same thing as the technical director. Aka assistant technical director, they help out the td because he/she cant be everywhere.

What jobs are at a theater?

You can be an actor/actress,stage manager,assistant deputy stage manager,make-up artist,director,casts and an assistant director.

Who were assistant director in die another day?

James Armstrong....additional assistant directorVic Armstrong....second unit directorBen Burt....third assistant directorGerry Gavigan....assistant directorJosé María González Sinde....additional assistant directorToby Hefferman....second assistant directorDon King....additional unit directorTerence Madden....additional assistant directorTerry Madden....assistant director: second unitShaun O'Dell....additional unit directorPaul Taylor....second assistant directorArthur Wooster....additional unit directorKeith Young....second assistant directorRichard Goodwin....additional third assistant director (uncredited)

What does Asher do in his assignment In The Giver?

Assistant Director of Recreation

What are some related words for producer?

Executive Producer, director, floor manager, assistant director.

How much money a film assistant director earn?

A film assistant director can get a salary of over a million dollars if they get to work on a major movie production. The director of a major film can get up to 11 million dollars in salary.

Did John Ford ever act in a film?

Yes, John Ford's film career included work as an assistant director, actor, extra, double, producer, set laborer, assistant propman, assistant cameraman, director and stuntman.

What actors and actresses appeared in My Last Chance - 2013?

The cast of My Last Chance - 2013 includes: Charlie Farr as Jean-Pascal Megan Myrehn as Dream girl Chelsea Pereira as Dream Girl Katelyn Statton as Dream Girl Mike Tyson as Launch director Joe Zymblosky as Assistant launch director

What are the various jobs that are available at a magazine?

These and more: Account Executive Advertising Director Advertising Manager Art Director Assistant Assistant Editor Associate Art Director Associate Art Designer Associate Editor Associate Publisher Circulation Assistant Circulation Director Circulation Manager Circulation Promotion Manager Contributor Copy Editor Copy Researcher Creative Director Director of Finance Editor Editor in Chief Editorial Assistant Editorial Director Executive Editor Fact Checker Features Editor Fulfillment Manager Group Publisher Managing Editor Marketing Director Marketing Manager Production Assistant Production Manager Programmer Promotion Manager Publisher Research Manager Sales Assistant Sales Representative Senior Editor Senior Executive Officer Staff Writer

What jobs are there in the theater?

Jobs such as Stage Director, Assistant Director, Artisitic Director, Sound and Lighting, casting Directors, Musicians, Actors, etc.

Who is the director of Sonny With a Chance?

David Trainer is the Director and steve marmel is the creator. (:

Who is the band director of Thomas County Central High School?

The head band director is C. Michial Mayhall. Assistant band director Michael Davis just resigned, and interviews are being held for the vacant poisiton. ---------------update--------------- Tyler Lipsey is the new Assistant band Director.

What are some career options for people behind the scene of a movie?

Prop MakerSound AssistantMake-up artistCatererDirector Assistant 1,2,3,4StylistResearch AssistantBoom OperatorGaffer 1,2,3Lighting AssistantRehearsal DirectorProp ManagerCostume DesignerCostume MakerAdmin AssistantFinancier ConsultantProduction Assistant