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You can try a "powered antenna" which is available at electronics supply stores such as Radio Shack. Some of these have better signal gain than the passive type antennae. Good Luck. place antenna near window

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Q: How can you get good television reception in an apartment without cable or satellite?
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How do you get tv clearly without getting cable?

Get satellite TV.

Is satellite television better than cable?

Satellite TV offers a lot of advantages to cable, especially for those in remote rural areas without cable access. Plus, there is less service down-time with satellite technology, and you can get equipment to service multiple sets. There are advantages to both. Usually one can get more channels for the price with satellite, but reception can be spottier in bad weather. Contracts and fees tend to be more stringent with satellite.

Will a satellite tv work without the box and only off of a spliter?

No. You must have a satellite receiver connected to the satellite dish that will decode the satellite transmissions and present it for display on your TV set.

What channel does the tv need to be on so the dish satellite will work with no receiver box?

You can't get a signal to your TV without a receiver box. The receiver decodes the signal for the channel from the satellite to your TV.

How do you get television without cable or satellite dish?

You may receive television from local stations via an antenna.

What is the role of a PCI card in computer science?

The role of a PCI card in computer science is that it is what allows satellite TV to be seen on your computer. Without it the satellite TV signal wouldn't connect.

What kind of tv to buy without cable or satellite?

Broadcast TV will be changed to all digital in 2009 so TVs won't work without an adapter. HD and big screens seem to make little sense without cable or satellite. I suggest getting a used TV for now from People are just throwing out TVs to switch to HD's. Search " NTSC 2009 TV FCC "

What is the main advantage of wireless television?

The main advantage to wireless television is convenience. With wireless tv you can connect your tv to a cable or satellite without the annoying wires.

What is a sentence with the word aerial in it?

Without an aerial , our TV reception was poor.

If you have satellite internet can you get satellite tv?

If you can get a signal for your satellite Internet service, then without a doubt, you can also get a signal for satellite TV service AND the other way around also. The one thing you must know is that a no matter what anyone tells you, having both services will require two separate satellite dishes. The same provider that supplies you with Internet service can't provide TV, and vice versa. For satellite Internet, you'll need to use HughesNet, WildBlue, Starband, or Skyway USA, and for satellite TV, you'll need to use DIRECTV or Dish Network. That's why you'll need two separate dishes.

It's Easy To Get Free Satellite TV?

With the economy so tight, many people are cutting all types of services to make ends meet. Often, satellite TV is one of the services that is cut from the budget. While most people love watching the television programs, they don't like paying the additional expense. The good news is that there are many places where you can get great deals free satellite TV online, without the expense of an entire cable package. You can also sometimes get free satellite TV linked into bundles. Some businesses may offer free television with the purchase of a phone or internet plan. You can cut paying for TV out of your budget without taking it out of your life entirely.

Can I get network TV without cable or satellite in the HDTV world?

If you are located close enough to the local TV stations, just put up a outdoor TV antenna and point it toward the TV transmitter tower.

Can you get free TV from satellite TV without monthly payments?

yes, however it is a pre-recorded and is broadcasts by a PC softwares on the internet and can only be viewed through computers no, because you need to pay for the rights to be transmitted to your satellite dish either of the two

How can you receive digital TV without cable service?

Put up your own Antenna if you have a HDTV or subscribe to a Satellite service.

How you make my apartment look like Monica's from the TV show Friends?

Paint your apartment purple and buy all her posters and the furniture and flooring. Also have your kitchen done with the same design and voila! It should look similar to Monica's apartment without you looking like a freaky apartment stalker!

What is the type of dvd recorder that works without having a satellite subscription?

Most dvd recorders do not require a satellite subscription. If you are recording movies from your television, you will need to have a broadcast but cable is certainly sufficient.

Which TV show asked Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

The Odd Couple

Can my apartment force me to use a specific cable provider?

Actually, I do not know, I wish I knew too. I actually had Dish Satellite but it was removed, without permission and now we have stupid digital cable.

How do you get free Foxtel?

Foxtel is a subscription cable and satellite channel. There is no legal way to watch Foxtel (TV or Internet) without subscribing.

Where can you watch Being Human without downloads surveys or pop ups?

SyFy television, available on most cable and satellite providers.

What are some benefits of cable television over satellite television?

The benefits of cable over satellite is mainly the contract. With cable you are not forced to sign a 1 or two year contract to be able to watch tv. You will not have wires hanging all around your home with cable which can be annoying. Another thing is you can watch the same cable in many different rooms without having to rent additional cable boxes for other tvs. For cable television, you need only the cable box to connect the coaxial cable from the wall to your television. With satellite television, you need the receiver as well as the dish. Cable television will generally continue to be viewable during inclement weather, while satellite television will often go out during storms. With satellite television, you may periodically need to replace or reset the dish, as it can be knocked from its position or damaged.

Can an apartment with no kitchen be an apartment?

I Think No Because Without Kitchen There Can't make Food.Kitchen is Immportant and without it it can't be a apartament.

Can an apartment complex let you into your dads apartment if you are not on the lease?

Not without a court order.

Will an HDtv show programs in HD if you do not subscribe to HD through your cable or satellite company?

HD shows will show up on a HDTV without any HD services through the cable or satellite companies. HD shows won't show up on any other kind of tv without subscribing to HD through the cable or satellite company.

Are cable television providers the best way to receive tv channels?

Without question, Direct TV offers more high definition channels when compared to cable providers. If the priority is HD programming, satellite services are essential.