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very easily!!! - touching him on his bare skin - showing your "bits" take off your clothes and rub your vagina i promise do all of this and it well do it ever time if that doesn't work sit on his penis with no clothes on and let your butt touch is penis .

if he really likes you all you have to so is rub his leg bend over and sound aroused .


1. get nude

2. accidentally show some boob or butt

3. talk sex

AnswerWhat makes guys horny? Hot women. Plain and simple. Some guys have certain fetishes, but I won't get into that. Being sensual, touching the right places, and body language. That's pretty much all that's to it

Ok, im a guy and no im not gay, just thought i would help out. if your both sitting down, rub your own thigh and make sure he notices. or if your indoors tell him you have been practicing giving back massages you want to see if your any good. sit on his but and slightly go up and down when you rub his back, my girlfriend used this on me, and i got a boner within 30 seconds.

I'm a guy and I'm far from gay.

Usually what makes me horny is girls with big boobs and girls with a pink and wet pussy. showing ur tongue and saliva also really helps. I saw my gf reading this lol.

ANSWER-from a girl

It is actually hard. I used to think so but it isn't.

Show him your boobs,butt,or vagina. Make out with him. Suck his dick. Touch his dick. Let him touch/see you naked. Trust me works every time.

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Q: How can you get guys horny?
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