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On 360, you just hold the right bumper and then the left taunt button. He'll slide out of the ring and give you the weapon and then duck right back in.

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Q: How can you get hornswoggle to give you a shillaeleigh in svr 09?
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Code For Hornswoggle Playable In SVR 09?

no code only ps3 or xbox 360 hack

Do you have to be any where to get hornswoggle out?

if your talking about SvR 09 you press R1 or L1 down arrow or the one of one of the other ones

How do you make hornswoggle appear on svr 09 xbox 360?

you do road 2 wrestlemania im not sure who with but after it says you have unlocked him you do a manager match and you will c him in the manager menu

Is hornswoggle in smackdown 09?


Can you transfer a CAW from SvR 08 to SvR 09 and if so how?

no but u can from 09 to legends of wrestlemania

Is svr 09 for psp?

yep. Wait for svr 10 though.

Can you copy caws from svr 07 to svr 08?

No but you can copy it from svr 09 to legends of wrestle mania

What is the difference between WWE svr 09 collectors edition and the normal WWE svr 09?

Nothing but the front cover!

Is there a way to make hornswoggle a playable super star on SvR 09?

While playing in Story Mode if you are using Undertaker as your character you will be able to eventually unlock Hornswoggle as a manager. I do not believe he can be an actual wrestler though.----- NOTE CHEAT CODE BELOW-----Hornswoggle is able to be unlocked as a manager by entering in "HornswoggleAsManager". This is case-sensitive so it needs to be typed exactly as you see it. This works on the Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3.

Will svr 09 have the miz?

Yes it will

Why is chris Jericho's music different in svr 09?

because nothing is permenant except change , that's why his music is changed in 09 svr

How do you make hornswoggle appear on svr 09 on psp?

make him as a manager the cheat code is HornswoggleAsManagerSvR then K.O opponent and jump off turnbuckle then press R+X horn swoggle will then come out from under the ring, to tag him press down and X.