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your mo.m

haha got em

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Q: How can you get insurance if you are taking drugs for ADD?
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Can you sue if fired for taking precription drugs that I informed them about?

can i sue if fired for taking "preciption" drugs that you informed who about? call a law firm. labor laws vary widely. but i would hope so, or atleast get your unemployment insurance.

Where to get fertility drugs?

if i am on the state insurance where can i get fertility drugs

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If there is evidence that he is taking drugs.

Why do drugs takers find it so difficult to quit taking drugs?

They get addicted to the Drugs and can't stop taking them.

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No he does not take drugs.

Does different type of pills count as taking drugs?

Yes, taking different types of pills would count as taking drugs. Taking any medication that isn't prescribed to you would be considered as taking drugs.

Does Marilyn Manson do drugs?

Marilyn Manson is open about his history of taking drugs but is not currently taking drugs to public knowledge.

What is the difference between formulary drugs and non formulary drugs?

It has to do with health care plans and insurance. "Formulary" drugs are drugs that are covered by a health care benefits plan or insurance plan; "non-formulary" drugs are not.

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All of the ones that don't die by taking drugs.

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Do ADD drugs mix with Lamictal?

It is safe to take your Lamictal with your ADHD drugs - so long as your doctor knows that you are taking everything. Lamictal is often used to treat mood disorders such as bipolar disorder. You might also be taking it to treat seizures.

What is a preferred drug?

Usually that is the drug your insurance company wants you to try first, before taking other drugs in the same class or for the same purpose.

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