How can you get into acting?

Acting is pretty easy to get into If you are in an area where they actually have a lot of production work going on such as LA or NYC. If you're interested in the Acting Scene in New York, you can got to this website - and see whats casting right away. You'll find auditions for many New York based TV shows, Broadway Shows & Films. Also commercials, print work and other types of projects.

Just know where to find the auditions is a huge step forward in planning your career.

But, before you try and get auditions, you should join an acting program to learn about the craft. You have to know how the language of how actors & directors communicate, before trying to get into the auditions.

I've made a video about this subject -

It explains how to get started and become a 'working' actor.

If you're not in a major market start with the School plays and community theatre then when you decide you want to make it your profession, move to one of the big cities where things are being filmed.