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How can you get oak's letter in platinum?

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if you finished the sinnoh pokedex and a story will happen then you'll get the national pokedex and oaks letter! i hope this helped you!!! :D

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Where do you get oaks letter in platinum?

you use a action replay and use it to get oaks letter

Were do you get oaks letter in Pokemon platinum?

you get oaks letter from a Nintendo event in America

Pokemon Platinum how to get oaks letter?

Actually the event is starting November 28 in Pokemon platinum. when you get oaks letter go to the place beside victory road.

How do you get into the extra area in backlot mansion on Pokemon platinum?

u need oaks letter that's where shaymin is get oaks letter.

Is oak's letter shareable in Pokemon Platinum?

No. The Shaymin event (oaks letter) in Pokemon platinum is not shareable. ~Bellafuzz

How do you get oaks letter in platinum?

you need to download it at a Nintendo event

Can you get oaks letter at any time in platinum?

No. You can only get it by mystery gift.

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon Platinum?

take it to the rock up there by the Pokemon league

What is route 224 for in Pokemon platinum?

it is where you catch shaymin but only if you have oaks letter

Where can you get oaks letter on platinum?

You can only get it by using the Action Replay currently. The event for Oak's Letter has expired.

What is the action replay code for oaks letter in platinum?


How do you get a oaks letter on Pokemon platinum?

You can obtain it only through a official Nintendo event.

How do you get shymin on Pokemon HeartGold?

you can't. you can catch a shymin in platinum with oaks letter which you can get with an event.

Can you get oaks letter in Pokemon platinum in 2012?

No, you'll need the Action Replay now to get it.

Pokemon platinum oaks letter action replay code?

Here is the action replay code for Pokemon Platinum Oaks letter. It has been tested and is verified to work. 94000130 FCFF0000; B2101D40 00000000; 0000B5D4 00000009; D2000000 00000000.

How do you get the oaks letter on platinum?

you get the action replay for ds then you go to the Internet and look up action replay codes on Pokemon platinum

How do you get oaks letter on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to get it from an event, but there hasn't been any event lately for Pokemon diamond/pearl. Most of the events are for platinum now, oaks letter was given out a feew weeks ago for platinum. You can keep a look out though by going to serebii.net

How do you get to kanto in platinum?

when you get oaks letter is you have a legerndary flying type or if you have giratina,palkia,dialga you will get a derecions to kanto

Can you find shaymin in Pokemon platinum without cheats?

yes but you have to have oaks letter and that is an event item which you can no longer get

Where to take oaks letter on Pokemon platinum?

Take it to oak in Eterna city after you beat the elite 4

In Pokemon platinum what is that rock on 224?

if u hav received oaks letter u will be able to get shaymin

How do you get to the shaymins big giant polished rock on Pokemon platinum?

yu have to get to the end of rute 224 and have oaks letter

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