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You dont. If you do, you will just be as bad as him. *The other poster is correct. Revenge is the most useless thing one can do and depletes one of energy. Even if you should get revenge you won't feel as good about it as you think you will and you'll just be at the bottom of the same barrel he is in.

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How far in advance should you start planning a sweet sixteen?

maybe 2 months before

My boyfriend and I want to travel all over Europe for 2 months what is the best website for planning that?

Eurail is probably the easiest way if you want to plan a trip around Europe.

How long before the end of the war did Anne Frank die?

two months before the end of the war in Europe.

How long do athletes train before the Olympics?

3 Months + 30 Days in Olympia it depends on the events there planning to do in the Olympics

How do you get revenge on my mum?

You can never get revenge on your mum, or I can never get revenge on your mum ...but if a person takes revenge on a mother the most cold hearted thing to do because they had you in her womb for 9 MONTHS and GAVE DELIVERY!

What months is business closed in Europe?

Businesses in Europe are open during all 12 months of the year.

Why did victor travel for several months after elizabeth was dead?

to seek revenge on the creature

What are the spring months in Europe?

March To June

What is nine months before September?

January is nine months before September.

Which month is 2 months before November?

September is two months before November.

What comes 9 months before June?

September is nine months before June.

Is Georgia moffett engaged or married to David Tenant?

According to a UK tabloids they got engaged a couple of months before their daughter was born and planning to marry in 2012, but neither of them have confirmed it.

How long do one have to wait before you can send a scroll of resurrection on World of Warcraft I'm planning on sending me sister a scroll of resurrection on WoW do you have to wait 1 month?

2 months

What are the months for summer in Europe?

June July and April

What months is summer in Europe?

June, July & August.

How many years does it take to get a degree in wedding planning?

Typically nine months

Where is Nightingales Habitat?

The Nightingale is found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. During the summer months, they breed in forests in Europe and Asia. They then migrate to Africa, to spend the winter months there.

Can you travel to Spain on a passport with only 2 months left on it?

Yes, unless your planning on staying there for longer than two months.

When planning a wedding when should you hire a wedding coordnaitor?

about 2 months beofore the wedding.

How long does it take to sail from England to Brazil?

3 months with good planning and weather.

What is the release of aion in Europe?

in the first months of 2009 xD

What is the codlest months on the year in Europe?

December,January February.

How long was the journey for the pilgrims from Europe to America?

3 months

Why did the gunmen shoot people at Columbine High School?

They wanted to take revenge on students after they were mocked and bullied for months.

What is the order of the penguins in club penguin herberts revenge?

its a new ds a game that came out a couple of months ago