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Revenge may feel great at the time, but it is damaging to both parties. Get therapy for both of you, go alone or together. Revenge is one way to age quickly and start having health problems.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-23 06:38:34
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Q: How can you get revenge on your narcissistic husband?
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What happens when you ignore a narcissistic ex husband?

Why care? He is your 'Ex'.

What happens when you stand your grounds with a narcissistic husband?

It isn't pretty

How can you get revenge against your narcissistic ex-husband?

Live well and do not look back! Put your energies into something positive and believe in yourself. It will take time to heal, but move on. Do not give him any energy (that's negative) put your energy into yourself and your future. That is something to be very happy about.

When I tell my narcissistic husband that I never want to be with him again what do you think he will do?

Beat you with a shoe and tie you to a bed.

How can to get revenge on a cheating husband without cheating?

tell him he has a small penis

How do you tell the narcissistic husband the marriage is over?

The best way to do so would be meeting a lawyer and getting the papers done.

What is the name of the old movie where the husband plans to kill his wife by a crocodile attack only to survive it and seek revenge on her husband?

Return to Eden

What does Hera love?

it seems revenge on her husband..she dont pay much attention to her child..

Was Pandora a liar?

No, she was just curious and the gods made her so to take revenge on her husband!

How do you use narcissistic in a sentence?

He is a narcissistic jerk.

Why wont your narcissistic husband let you go?

The usual response of a narcissistic husband is to not want his wife to leave - because he can't imagine the thought or image in his head of any other guy being intimate with her, in any way. It is a big problem, on his part. Your task is to ask the quesiton, "Am I better off with him or without him?". The answer to this question should drive your actions (rather than any guilt feelings you may have about what your husband is left to deal with).

What has the author Madeleine Conway written?

Madeleine Conway has written: 'Rosamund's revenge' 'The reluctant husband'

What is the opposite of narcissistic?

Modest is the usual opposite of narcissistic.

How would a narcissistic abusive ex-husband react to the fact that you reported him for warrants to the police and he is now in jail?

with more abuse and anger towards you

How do you handle grown children who throw you under the bus because they alter their behavior so as not to ire your narcissistic sociopath x husband?

You call the police.

Used the word narcissistic in a sentence?

Type your answer here... Narcissistic

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explain what the word narcissistic means to child.

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i am trying to find out what narcissistic winds mean?

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She had a bad temper with her husband, Zeus. She likes to get revenge on people who have wronged her. She is easily annoyed.

Why did the Kardashians get sued?

because her first husband ray j, his sisters sued her as revenge for breaking up with him

Nurturing your child cause narcissistic?

Nurturing your child cause narcissistic?

What if a narcissistic has a narcissistic mother?

You for sure want to steer clear of that person

Do narcissistic people worship the devil?

Narcissistic people worship themselves

Would an abusive ex-husband want to seek revenge because you reported his whereabouts to the police for outstanding warrants and now he is in jail?

How can he get revenge if he doesnt know where I live and hes in jail?

Are you narcissistic?