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By eating healthy and exercising a lot

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What is stronger stronger sunquakes or earthquakes?

Sunquakes are stronger.

Which is stronger Siberian husky or rottweiler?

The rottweiler is stronger. It has a stronger jaw and a powerful built body that makes it a stronger fighter.

Who is stronger zeon or brago?

zeon is stronger. he is 75 times stronger than him.

Are AAA batteries stronger or D batteries stronger?

AAA batteries are stronger.

Is Jupiter gravity stronger or weaker than Earth's gravity?

It is stronger.

How do you get your eyes stronger?

How do you get your eyes stronger

Who is stronger in twilight?

jacob is the stronger

Does a stronger current create a larger magnetic field?

Yep, stronger current means stronger pull, which means stronger range.

Why does increasing the voltage of an electromagnet make it stronger?

Increasing the voltage of an electromagnet will make it stronger because the stronger the electrical current the stronger the magnetic field which makes the magnet stronger.

Which Pokemon is stronger latios or latias?

latios is stronger offensively, and latias is stronger defensively.

What is the positive of stronger?

instead of saying stronger you could say hunk (that means stronger)

Who is stronger a Vulcan or a Klingon?

Definitely Vulcans. Vulcans are significantly stronger than Klingons. Vulcans are stronger in the mind, klingons are stronger in the heart

Are gorillas stronger than lions?

I think lions are stronger but this is just a guessThe StrongerSome say lions are stronger because they are the "King of the Jungle," which makes them stronger than anything or anybody.

Which is stronger steel or brass?

Steel is stronger.

Do steroids make you stronger?

No they do not make you stronger.

Who is stronger Neji or Hinata?

Neji is stronger.

What is stronger paper or plastic?

plastic is stronger.

Who is stronger itachi or pain?

pein is stronger

Who is stronger Joel or john?

Joel is stronger

Who is stronger hulk or doomsday?

hulk is stronger

What is stronger weaving or tying?

Weaving is stronger.

What is stronger a walerin or a glalie?

Walerin Is Stronger.

Who is stronger shaymin or manaphy?

manaphy is stronger

What is from the stronger in Latin?

From the stronger = Ex fortioribus

What is 'stronger' in Greek?