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Yes, it is a common procedure

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How much does it cost to get supernumerary nipples removed?

I think we might need a picture for an accurate quote. There can be so many variations.

Supernumerary nipples?

DefinitionSupernumerary nipples is the presence of extra nipples.Alternative NamesPolymastia; Polythelia; Accessory nipplesConsiderationsSupernumerary nipples are fairly common. They are generally unrelated to other conditions or syndromes. The extra nipples usually occur in a line below the normal nipples. They are usually not recognized as extra nipples because they tend to be small and not well formed.Common CausesVariation of normal developmentSome rare genetic syndromes may be associated with supernumerary nipplesHome CareUsually no treatment is needed. The extra nipples do NOT develop into breasts at puberty.Call your health care provider ifTalk to your health care provider if there are supernumerary nipples on an infant and there are other symptoms present.What to expect at your health care provider's officeThe health care provider will perform a physical exam and ask questions about the patient's medical history. The number and location of extra nipples will be noted.Reviewed ByReview Date: 02/01/2012Neil K. Kaneshiro, MD, MHA, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M., Inc.

Can a female dog's nipples be removed after spaying?


If you have 6 wisdom teeth what are the 2 extra supernumerary teeth designated as clinically?

ok searlously ... i dont know i have 2 on each side on th etop and 1 on each side on the botton ... someone answer are questions ...please !!!!!!!!!help and will it hurt to get removed Get a consultation with an oral surgeon or a orthodont. The two extra teeth are supernumerary and should be removed

What is a supernumerary?

An extra.

What is a supernumerary senator?

An extra

Why do you have three nipples?

The term "supernumerary nipple" applies to individuals (as many as 1 in 50) who have an extra nipple, with or without an extra teat. Men are as likely as women to possess one, but it is often unnoticeably small.

Is it possible to have three nipples?

The term "supernumerary nipple" applies to individuals (as many as 1 in 50)who have an extra nipple, with or without an extra teat. Men are as likely as women to possess one, but it is often unnoticeably small.

Pain in nipples when squeezed and bra removed signs of pregnancy?

Yes you are pregnant.

What is the name of a nonspeaking actor?


What do you call an extra in a film?

A supernumerary

What is the CDT code for extraction of supernumerary tooth?

There is not a code. I use D7140 and be sure to add a remark that it was a supernumerary tooth and give it a letter.

How do you use supernumerary in a sentence?

The council has supernumerary members so that there will be the required number for voting will be present even when some members are absent.

Can a supernumerary be used where tooth is missing?

If the supernumerary tooth is in the area/close to the missing tooth, it may be possible, but unlikely. You would need an Orthodontist to evaluate this.

What is the medical term meaning having an extra organ?

Supernumerary is the adjective describing an extra copy of an organ For instance, an extra kidney is a supernumerary kidney.

What actors and actresses appeared in Supernumerary - 2011?

The cast of Supernumerary - 2011 includes: Jeff Coopwood as Frankfurt Mckenzie Cowan as Sally Nuart Devyn Difilippo as Tabitha Chris Fore as Supernumerary Jim Holmes as Zip Forth Laura Seay as Dove

What is the scientific term for a third nipple?

A supernumerary nipple (also known as a third nipple, accessory nipple, polythelia or polymastia) is an additional nipple occurring in mammals including humans. Often mistaken for moles, supernumerary nipples are diagnosed at a rate of 2% in females, less in males. The nipples appear along the two vertical "milk lines" which start in the armpit on each side, run down through the typical nipples and end at the groin. They are classified into eight levels of completeness from a simple patch of hair to a milk-bearing breast in miniature. Polythelia refers to the nipple alone while polymastia denotes the presence of glandular tissue. Sourced from: Hilarious...

What is the scientific name for extra teeth?

The word is supernumerary.

What do you call a non-speaking actor?


What is extra teeth on the gums called as?

Supernumerary teeth.

Is it possible for a tooth to grow three times?

Yes, it is possible for a tooth to grow three times but it is VERY RARE! But when it does grow, it is called supernumerary teeth (supernumerary is one word!).

What big words have 6 syllables in them?

circumnavigation incomprehensible supernumerary

What is an actor without a speaking part called?

An extra or supernumerary.

4th molar in all 4 quadrent of the jaw?


What is a surnumerary tooth?

An extra tooth. "Surnumerary" is probably a derivation of "supernumerary."