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Do it like you put videos in iPod. download to computer and put it in via iTunes.

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How old is tehnoobshow?

Tehnoobshow is about 17 years old. tomsid1.

Who is tehnoobshow?

Tehnoobshow is a famous youtube vid maker. He makes youtube runescape videos meant for humor.

What is ubnub and tehnoobshow you dont understand what they are?

tehnoobshow is a machinima made from runescape amd ubnub id they'r site

Where can you see Victorious on a iPod?

You can buy episodes on your iPod from iTunes

What is tehnoobshow's real username?

To be honest with you, "Bob"'s username in runescape IS tehnoobshow. also, in runescape, if you search tehnoobshow, there is a whole clan.

Where to watch Pokemon episodes on an iTouch?

You can watch Pokemon episodes on the IPod Touch on Youtube.

Can you syn mini episodes like ncis to a ipod touch?

Some episodes you can download off youtube for free (using a youtube downloader) and they will be converted to M-PEG (iPod movie) so you can add them to your ipod. I don't think you can copy episodes from bought dvds though :(

When does TehNoobShow come out on RuneScape?

Reasons to believe, it already has.

Where can you download Ben 10 episodes for free for an ipod touch?

One can download Ben 10 episodes for free for an iPod Touch. This is with the use of Cartoon Network free app.

Where would you find episodes on your ipod touch?

you would have to go to itunes on your computer and go to TV episodes

How can I download mithbusters episodes for my ipod for free?

You cannot download Mythbusters episodes for free for your iPod Touch. You must pay the $1.99 it costs to get the Mythbusters episode you want through iTunes.

Who is a noob on RuneScape and is famous?

Tehnoobshow is a noob and is famous for his youtube videos. I'm pretty sure his youtube account URL is www.youtube.com/tehnoobshowNoob means new boy, but some noobs are famous like TehNoobShow.Others like me now, a noob is someone new andis between level 3-50.

How do you watch full episodes of glee on your iPod URGENT?

You would have to buy them in iTunes, unless your iPod has already been "jailbroken".

How many GB does a season take from an iPod?

An...iPod? Well, it depends on the length and amount of the episodes your downloading. Right now im downloading 23 47-minute episodes, and it's about 11 GB.

Can you get south park on your ipod?

Yes. All seasons of South Park can be downloaded from the iTunes store. These episodes can then be synced to your iPod to watch.

What can you do on an iPod?

well on an iTouch you can download apps download music and tv episodes on an normal ipod you can do all that but can't download apps

Where can you watch friends episodes on your ipod touch?

itunes or youtube and torrent websites

What are sites that you can download naruto episodes freely?

Touchanime.com also you can watch it on your ipod

How do you get house episodes on your ipod for free?

The television show House, M.D. can be downloaded to an iPod from the iTunes store. The cost of each episode is $2.99.

Where can you download the south park episodes so i can put them on my ipod?

You don't have to download them. You can watch them on soutparkstudios.com completely free. Yeah but i want to put them on my ipod

Can you watch full episodes of the secret life of the American teenager on your iPod touch for free?

Of course you can but you will have to download it first from a site then covert it to you ipod... :) hope this helps

Where can you watch English episodes of anime your ipod?

If your iPod is jailbroken, go to cydia search ianime and install. I do it all the time and it's the best way I think

Is there a website that you can watch full episodes of The Universe streaming on your iPod Touch free?

Sadly, there is no website that streams History Channel's 'The Universe' for free to the iPod Touch.

How do you buy episodes on surving high school?

you can go to itunes and if you have ipod plug it in and downloads it but you have to buy it

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