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They usually ask for 50% after preparing tooth for a crown and balance after crown is finished. I am completely comfortable with my Nogales dentist so I trust him. It comes down to comfort level.


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A general dentist can place crowns. It may be wise however to seek out the services of a prosthodontist if your case is difficult as they specialize is such things.

Stainless steel crowns are safe for children and adults. If they were not safe, your dentist would not be using them.

The kind of math dentist do is they measure teeth they measure the crowns that go in your teeth, and they count teeth that is what a dentist does with math.

An implant dentist is a dentist that replaces missing teeth with devices that resemble teeth, made from titanium. Their services range from crowns to dentures to bridges.

Medicaid will pay for root canals, partials, crowns, etcetera regardless of state and pregnancy status. There are only specific offices that offer these treatments for medicaid patients, though, so make sure you visit an accredited dentist that accepts this form of payment.

form_title=Find a Dentist form_header=From basic teeth cleaning to crowns and root canals, a dentist is important for proper dental care. What type of dental service do you need?=_ Do you have dental insurance?= () Yes () No When was the last time you saw a dentist?=_

Prosthodontist's have all the duties of a regular dentist. They also specialize in fitting and making dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Having temporary crowns put in can cause temporary swelling in your mouth and alter the way your jaw works. If there is a continuing problem, speak with your dentist or orthodontist.

There are many types of dentists-general dentist that do fillings,extractions,root canals,crowns,bridges,dentures.pedodontist deal with children only.oral surgeon deals with extractions and some implants endodontists specialize in root canals.

WTF w/ your obsession with dentists--thinking of dental school? Have you ever heard of Google--or actually talking to a dentist?

I have 2 crowns on my top two teeth, but no problems. You should talk to your doctor or dentist about the possibilities of a connection.

If your teeth can be saved with crowns, you probably ought to get the crowns. Dentures are not nearly as functional as natural teeth or crowns. They will tend to become loose and need to be replaced over time. Dentures are really a choice of last resort.

Go back to the dentist and get them redone, they should garenty there work for 5 yrs. Or get in touch ADA in your state , American Dental Association.Even insurance com. will replace crns after 5yrs. Dental EDDA 20yrs. e I agree. See the dentist that placed the crowns. However, from what you describe, it may not be a crown issue. It may be a periodontal problem, and the teeth themselves are loose due to gum disease, or it may be an orthodontic problem where the bite is wrong and the teeth have shifted uncontrolled. Regardless of the cause, you need to see your dentist right away. You may also want to see another dentist for a second opinion. What you have described is not a good situation, not at all.

You would probably get braces on every teeth except the ones with the crowns, BUT that is possibly wrong, so FOR THIS KIND OF INFO VISIT A DENTIST.

No. Endodontists are dental specialists who limit their practice to root canals and related therapies. You will need to see a general dentist or a prostodontist to have a crown placed.

In the book "Night" the people with gold teeth and golden crown, they were sent to a dentist and those gold items were removed

Not the best idea because if you pull it the wrong way you may get blood poisoning. You should see a dentist instead. There are cures for toothaches like root canals, crowns, oral surgery, etc.

There is no product called cometic dental insurance. Dental insurance generally excludes any procedure that is done for costmetic reasons. That said, crowns are not usually cosmetic but to restore the function of the tooth and would be covered. In most dental plans, crowns are covered at 50%. So you will pay half of the cost of the procedure at the discounted rate negotiated by the insurer with the dentist. The exception to payment for cosmetic procedures are discount dental plans which get you a discount on all procedures. The difference is that in a discount plan you pay all of the cost; the plan pays nothing.

i need to see a dentist but im preganat i have rootcanals on two of my teeth that need crowns will i stiell need to have x-rays for that

it is not uncommon to adjust the occlusion of adjacent teeth when placing a crown.

Depends anywhere from 300$ if you go to the boarder with cheap not so great dentist to 600$ for dentist who "think they are the best in Mexico" I've had all my family go we actually found a great affordable dentist in Cancun, who is licensed and trained in the U.S.A her name is Dr. Irma Gavaldon here is her website if you are interested

One day we will wear heavenly crowns, but Jesus has not left us without crowns in the present. These crownsare not literal, but figurative.

Why do you need to wear two crowns?The crowns fitted perfectly.

All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns provide the best natural color match than any other crown type and may be more suitable for people with metal allergies. However, they are not as strong as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and they wear down opposing teeth a little more than metal or resin crowns. All-ceramic crowns are a good choice for front teeth.

Your dentist will perform periodic exams, which will include fluoride treatments and sealants. fillings, implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures

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