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Sit next to him and make small talk. all relationships begin on friendships!

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Can you write a sentence that has a simple verb using the word rides as a noun?

The kids enjoyed all the rides at the carnival.The family likes to go for rides on Sunday afternoons.Dad likes train rides. (train = an adjective and rides = a noun.)

Why are dark rides called dark rides?

Because They're In The Dark.

How many rides are in wet n' wild?

they say that there are 30 rides idk if there all new but i was looking at pics and they have some of the old rides from last season and beter. hope this helps

What is another word for rides?

It is different because rides is more than one and the answer is expiditions,tours and other wordsthat include rides and that have s.

How do you say because Death rides fast in German?

because Death rides fast = weil der Tod schnell reitet

Should you take Emma acomb to Kings Island?

it depends if she's your best friend and if she likes rides.

Does Jay Leno has a Cat?

yes he has a pet dildo that he likes to take for rides in his super dooper fancy cars

Do you have to pay for rides at the isle of wight festival?

Most concerts of this type charge for the rides because they are separate business entities.

What does Brad Pitt like to do?

Well, he used to like to do Jennifer Aniston. But that is no longer the case. Now he likes to do Angelina Jolie. He also likes motorcycle rides and chocolate ice cream.

Why are there donkey rides on the beach instead of horse rides?

Because Donkey rides are more tradditonal they use to have donkey rides when are parants were little so its kind of like a memory to them plus donkeys are a lot easyer to ttrain than horses.

Why was King Menelaus and King Agamemnon called At-rides?

Menelaus and Agamemnon were called the Atridae because their father was named Atreus.

What is better SeaWorld or schlitterbahn?

schlitterbahn, because it has rides and shows

Which man in the bible dies as a result of having his hair caught in tree branches as he rides a donkey?

Absolam, rebel son of king David

What are Disneyland water rides?

splash mountain is really the only water ride but if your looking for boat rides and roller coasters that get you wet on theres the canal boats,the Columbia boat,jungle cruise,and matterhorn.

Can you make planet poptropica after monster...?

it looks like carnival you can not ride any rides because there are spiders everywhere and the monster broke all of the rides.

Why do people laugh on rides?

people laugh on rides because when u get the stomach losing feeling in your stomach u dont feel it when u laugh

Do you say he ride or he rides?

It depends on context. "He rides." is correct (because 'he' is singular so the verb behind it should have an 's'). ... but you might ask "Does he ride?"

If a boy follows you home from school and rides bikes with you does that mean he likes you?

Ummm im srry to tell u but he" the bus and "needed" an ride

How many rides are at lake compounce?

well there are many rides at lake compounce according to their website there are 41 rides right now including the wave pool. all water rides,kiddie rides,family rides, thrill rides, and classic rides were counted

Why Arabs rides in a camel?

because they dont want to walk lol

How many rides does wild adventure have?

there are 47 rides 13 thrill rides 5 kid rides 19 family rides 9 water rides my favorite ride is the swamp thing

Is there an online game with a worm that rides an apple and you can help build rooves you can be a firefighter and other stuff like a cat that rides a bike?

Dude the internet is ginormous. Keep looking and you'll probably eventually find something

Why do kids take the bus?

Because some kids don't have rides to school.

What was sally rides most famous expedition?

because she was the first teacher in space

Does Disney own carnival?

well you can say yes because they have many rides.