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You have to be the size of a junior/senior and you have to be really good.

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Q: How can you get to varsity football your freshman year in high school?
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What are the chances of a high school freshman making the basketball team if most of the school boys are trying out?

A freshman maiking the Varsity is slim at most schools.

How do you letter in high school football?

You have to be on a varsity sport team.

How old do you have to be to play a high school varsity sport?

No age restriction just a grade restriction. Must be a freshman in high school to play varsity. Your states high school athletic association could clarify the answer your seeking. Often Jr. High runners will be allowed to run at high school track open events, but rarely will you see Jr. High student playing Varsity football, basketball, or baseball.

How many quarters can a freshman play when he plays with the junior varsity and varsity also freshman?

This depends upon the rules of the state high school athletic association. For example, in Indiana a high school football player is limited to five quarters of participation per week. In Georgia, it's six quarters. In Montana, it's ten.

How old do you have to be to play varsity high school football?

You have to be in high school. It depends on your football skill and that your coach knows you have the skills.

How do you letter in high school varsity football?

You must be in at least one play per quarter for 16 quarters. Most High Schools use this formula for lettering in High School Varsity Football.

Who was the first freshman goalie at Moorhead High School to play varsity?

John Hajostek, class of 1980.

How many varsity high school football teams are there in the US?


Is it legal for a high school varsity football game to do a center sneak?


Is freshman football in high school important?

To prepare them for collage football if they make collage football

Can a sophomore playing varsity high school football move back down to Junior Varsity?

Hell yeah

Who is the coach of the McCallum high school varsity football team?

Bob Barker

Is it okay for a freshman to wear a varsity jacket?

It depends on the culture at your school. If there is a distinct jacket for varsity players as distinct from junior varsity, and the freshman is not a part of the varsity team, then probably not. At my high school, there was just one "letter jacket", which was the same throughout high school, and freshmen who had earned letters could wear it. (I suppose technically you could wear it without the letter, but you'd have looked kind of like a doofus.)

When and why did Tom Brady start football?

He started when he was a freshman in high school

What is a sentence for varsity?

My sister plays on a varsity team for Wolf pack. My high school varsity (American) football team repeatedly failed miserably.

What is the definition of the word Varsity?

The word varsity is used to describe the beginning level of a sport. This is commonly used in high school sports. Usually freshman are the ones who are on the varsity team.

I am a high school freshman at a private school and I play varsity basketball varsity tennis and have a GPA 3.4 where can I go to college?

If you keep your GPA up and do well on your standardized tests as an upperclassman, your possibilities are endless.

What is the average weight of a freshman high school football player?

2 pounds

When did Tom Brady start to play football?

His freshman year in high school.

How long is a quarter in a freshman high school football game?

8 mins

Average weight for freshman in high school football players?

1001 pounds

Can high school freshman play for varsity teams?

Yes an any sport. Footbal Baseball Track Basketball Soccer ETC.

When did Tom Brady first played football?

He first played football his freshman year of high school

Is American high school varsity football team good?

Varsity football teams are not good just because they have quality education and top sport equipment does not mean there good

Can a 8th grader play high school varsity football?

Sure, if they're good enough.