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After the creditor repossesses the vehicle there is a way to get it back. You can find out where the auction for your car is going to be held and go there and buy it back. I doubt if that will work. If it's a buy-here/pay-here place, they're not going to finance you again. If it goes to auction, it will be a WHOLESALE auction where only licensed dealers can bid. You can get the car back before it is resold by paying off the loan. If you you pay all the delinquent amounts and repossession costs you may be able to convince the lender that you will keep up the payments in the future and get it back.

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Q: How can you get your car back?
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How do you get your car back if it was reposed in Georgia?

it is very easy to get your car back! Contact CarLoanHelp.Org . Car Help USA, LLC will help you get your car back from repo, stop repossession (in the future), lower car payments, lower interest rates, and will get you caught up on the payments you were behind.