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Try to introduce them to each other early in age. Or introduce them slowly, dont do everything at once. A good idea would be to let them got used to the other, put the dog's crate near the cat's sleeping area. the cat wont be afraid because it might know that the dog cant get to it because of the crate so the cat would relax and accept that the dog is there. After the two are sued to the other try putting them in the same room together with food, water, toys, and treats. Keep them under supervision so things dont get out of control. Then just go from there.

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Q: How can you get your cat to get along with your beagle?
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Does beagle dog and cats get along?

No. It's not impossible for a specific beagle and a specific cat to get along, but it's not terribly likely that a beagle and a cat suddenly introduced to each other will be friendly. Beagles were bred to hunt small game, and while cats don't fit any of the beagle "prey" templates exactly, they're close enough that caution is advisable.If the beagle is introduced to the cat as a puppy, they're somewhat more likely to "get along", but puppies like to play and the cat may not be too happy about that.

3 year old male beagle and want to get a kitten will they get along?

Yes,they will probably get along.You just have to remember to give the dog and cat equal amount of time!Do not make the beagle feel like the cat is better.

What do you get when you cross a beagle with cat poop?

Beagle thinking:yum,yum,yum!!That was good super!!Main Answer:Super

Do cats get along with beagles?

Depends on the cat and the beagle. We have had kittens and beagle pups that got along great- but we have also had kittens and a 95 lb German Shepherd that got along fine. (Kitten used to sleep on top of dog) Beagles IN GENERAL are good natured dogs, but animals are not machines, vary in temperament, and are capable of independent action.

Will a beagle try to eat a cat?

Yes but it will appreciate if you cook the cat first ============== This would be extremely unlikely. A beagle will make a game of chasing a cat. A vicious beagle is very very uncommon. Most beagles are happy and friendly. You may have heard that beagles were bred to hunt rabbits. What many people do not know is that the beagle does not kill the rabbit. He and his friends will chase it until it runs into a hole. (What the human does with the rabbit varies.) My point is that to the beagle, rabbit hunting is a great game.

Do Shiba Inus get along with Beagles?

Depends on the beagle and the shiba inu's personality.

Do beagles get along with 8-year-old golden retrievers?

I think it just depends on the personalties. If you want a beagle but already have a golden retriever then I think you should bring home the beagle for a couple of days and see how the dogs get along.

Can a house cat get along with a big cat?


What does not belong in boxer beagle Siamese terrier?

Siamese does not belong. Siamese is a cat and cannot breed with dogs.

Would a Ferret get along with a Beagle?

Beagles have a high hunting instinct so they might see a ferret as prey or a target. Especially if you use your beagle for finding small animals. I had a hamster and a beagle and whenever i put my hamster in its ball my beagle would smell her and back away like he was afraid of my hamster. So they could be aggressive towards small animals, get along with them, or even be afraid. Depends on the dogs personality.

Do beagle and boxers get along?

Depends on the dogs' personality, past events, and even age differences.

What happens to a beagle puppy if they get scratched or bit by a tabby cat?

Their inside swell up until they bust open.

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