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How can you get your legs really soft?

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Take the bones out.

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The softest skin is in which part of your body?

Where the softest skin on your body is really depends on the person. Some people have really soft faces. Some have really soft arms & legs. Some have really soft genetial parts.

How soft is cotton?

really soft

What does it mean when your boyfriend touches your legs?

That you're legs are soft, and you did an obviously good job of shaving. Congrats!!

Why do you get shots in your arms and babys in their legs?

baby's arms are very soft and the legs are stiff. i hope i helped: )

Why do your legs go hard?

If they were soft that would be a problem dude

What can make your hair really soft?

You can make your hair really soft by washing it less often.

Is it good to use body lotion after shaving legs?

well ya because you want to keep your legs soft.

How can you make the skin on your legs soft?

It depends on whether your legs are hairy or not. If they are, shave them. If not, try body Butter or moisturiser

Do girls like leg hair?

Girls dont like hair on there legs..some of them find that is really gross. Some girl dont even shave there legs because there parents dont let them or they are to gross to even shave there legs. The girl that love sport shave their legs because they are a lot of people there that will ask "do you shave your legs". But some girl do it so they have nice soft leg.

What is really soft?


What has four legs up four legs down soft in the middle and hard all around?

I think it's a walking egg cuz it's hard all around if you boil it(or even if you don't boil it), it's soft in the middle then has 4 legs (i don't know about the 4 up 4down legs part )

Is cockroach an invertebrate with jointed legs?

yes. a cockroach is an invertebrate with a hard shell surrounding soft insides. it also has jointed legs.

What are the charcteristics of a worm?

Worms are bilaterally-symmetrical invertebrates. They have soft bodies and no legs.

Which was the first animal to step on earth?

With legs, probably soft bodied worms .

Do centipede's really have 100 legs?

The amount of legs a centipede has varies on the species. They have from 30 to 350 legs

Why to cats like really soft things?

Why do people like soft things?

How many legs do caterpillers have?

it really depends on the caterpillar but usually they have 16 legs

Do you always need shaving cream to shave your legs?

I think it would be best to always use the shaving cream to prevent getting the red bumps on your legs after you are through shaving Although! I started using like really cheap conditioner and it works very well. first of all it keeps my legs soft and smooth and i havent noticed getting any of the red bumps on my legs after shaving.

How do you have really thin legs?


How many legs does iguana have?


What has 4 legs up and 4 legs down and is soft in the middle and hard all around?

a spider

Is your cervix soft when you become pregnant?

I am 5 months and mine is really soft and mushy and REALLY high. So I guess the answer is probably yes.

Why does food become soft after cooking?

Food will get soft because if it was boiled everything inside of it is getting really soft .so that is why food becomes soft after cooking it

How old should you be to get your legs waxed?

You can have your legs waxed at any age, but it really hurts!!

What does soft black do?

Gets you really stoned.