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How can you get your rights back in Ms after being convicted of felony DUI?


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If you were charged CRIMINALLY with DUI you MAY be able to have your CRIMINAL record expunged,

However, as a part of your drivers license history it will always appear on your driving record. Your drivers record is a lifelong compendium of your driving history and the DUI will remain so the courts will be able to refer to it in order to know know how to treat you if you become a repeat offender for this offense.


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It has been over 15 years since my felony dwi. How do I get my rights back?

Depends. Serving time does not matter, the conviction does. If you were convicted of a felony violation of Federal law, there is no realistic way to have firearm rights restored. If you were convicted of a violation of state law, there may be. You will need to consult an attorney- process varies state to state.

It depends on the felony. In Ohio, a non-violent felon does not lose their gun rights, but those that have committed a violent felony lose that right unless they win a petition.

Find an attorney that is licensed in Alabama. If you were convicted of a State felony, you can petition the court or the governor for expungment IF you are no longer on parole. If you were convicted of a Federal crime, it cannot be done.

There are only two instances where a convicted felon can retain firearm rights.The felony conviction was for something which is only a felony at state level, not under federal law. In this case, it is possible to apply for and receive relief of disability.The felony conviction was later overturned, the convicted person was release, and the case against them was dismissed.Those are the only instances where someone is an ex-felon. They can get their firearm rights back.If you were convicted of a felony, and neither of the above conditions are applicable to you, you are forbidden by federal law from ever purchasing, possessing, or being allowed access to firearms. There are no waivers granted.

Well, it all depends on your situation. If you've convicted of something which is a felony only at state level, and NOT a federal felony, it MIGHT be possible to have your gun rights restored. You need the services of a lawyer, and there is no guarantee. If your felony conviction was a federal felony, your chances are more or less nil. If you've been convicted of a crime of domestic violence or something drug related - whether felony or misdemeanor - that further reduces your chances of being able to have your gun rights restored. Again, you need the services of a lawyer here, who can be privy to the exact details of your situation, and can make a determination as to the feasibility of trying to have your gun rights restored.

Type your answer here... how do i get my right to bear arms back in the state of North Carolina after being convicted of a felony

Because "gun rights" (the ability to own and possess firearms) are set at the federal level, the state doesn't have much to say about it. If someone was convicted of a state felony in Nebraska and the conviction was later overturned or pardoned, the person's civil rights, including gun rights, would be restored. This is unusual. Generally, a felony conviction means a lifelong ban on the possession of firearms.

If you're expecting to get gun rights back after a felony conviction, don't hold your breath. In some shall-issue states, it is possible for a convicted felon to get a concealed carry permit. However, it's still a felony for them to own, possess, or be in a situation where they have access to firearms, and the CCW doesn't negate that.

A felon can sometimes get some rights back, but you should check with an attorney familiar with the process to see if you can.

Not to give you an abrupt answer, but no. While there IS a mechanism to apply for "relief of disability" for a person convicted of a Federal felony, there is no funding for this to be done, which means it does not happen.

Maybe. Contact the PA department of corrections to find out the procedure and guidelines to apply for restoration of rights.

Yes, only the court system of the state that convicted you has the power.

You don't. A convicted felon is prohibited from owning a firearm.

You have to apply to get it back thru the clemency website of your state. Honestly i dont think they give it back to federal felons but i could be wrong so give it a shot. But i seriously doubt it tho. Reason why is because the worse the felony is then the less likely you can get any of your rights back and with federal felony being the worse before the worse then id doubt that they would give you your rights back. Good luck tho

The answer is a maybe. It will depend on whether you were convicted of a Federal or State felony. There is currently no means of expunging a Federal conviction other than a Presidential pardon. SOME states have a process for restoration of civil rights, including firearms. You will need to start by consulting an attorney in YOUR state.

Not if it was a valid conviction. Although you can go to a laywer and get some of your rights back as in voting or being able to use a gun to hunt.

You cannot ever regain your privilege of owning a firearm. It is a federal offense for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm (US Code, Title 18).

No, you don't. An expungement is not a pardon. You are still a convicted felon, the only difference now is that it will not show up on your public criminal record, only law enforcement will have access to that information.

Forever. Once a person is convicted of a felony, under FEDERAL law, they lose the right to own a firearm. It does not come back.

You have to petition a court to review your case, if it is a state level felony and if your state allows it. If it is a federal charge, you cannot get your rights back.

Finish your sentence and parole without committing any more crimes. You will get most of your rights restored automatically. You will also get your right to hold, possess and use guns back if your felony wasn't a crime of violence.

A convicted felon must go to court to give his civil right back in Missouri. This is done by having their record cleared of the crimes.

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