How can you have the perfect date with all of the girls?


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you cant have a perfect date that is the same for every girl you date

each girl is different so each girl has another idea as to their perfect date

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No you don't have to be perfect, nobody's perfect girls have dated Justin Bieber and they aren't "perfect".

Well he might, he has all these girls that like him or maybe when he is older he will that will be perfect! so if you really think he will date you that can happen so always be positive.

He should date all the girls he falls in love with but not all at once he is to fine

of course 11-13 is the perfect age range

All of the girls in it date exclusively other girls.

She is not silly at all she is a perfect rolemodel for girls

I say you should start dating in your freshman year of highschool. That is when dances become to social life. Girls will always want a guy for all dances. Most girls try to go to all the dances (but that empties your pockets really easily). Dances are also the perfect opportunity to ask girls that they have a crush on to go on a date with the guy. So, high school is the perfect time to start.

yes, not all guys are all sexual

the twilight books will answer it all!!!

um when i was in 3rd grade we all stared to date

I honestly think its like all popstars - people want to be famous and so they want to date stars. Because he is an amazing singer, has perfect hair, dreamy eyes, an amazing smile, and he is the perfect age for girls to obsess over him.

no they can only date Hungarian girls. Of course they can date black girls, why wouldn't they?

yeah it is perfect girls will love it

It depends on the girl. Most girls don't, but some do. If she goes all the way on the first date, be very wary; she may have a tendency to cheat later on.

maybe it depends on what age like they will probably date like 13-16 girls because there all 15

Absolutly not, boys date younger girls all the time.

It All Depends On Who You Love .

No question about it the perfect date for Andy Biersack is ME!! He has a girlfriend named Juliet Simms.

No, not all girls cheat, but some will. It depends on the individual person.

Frist of all who ask this girls are not suppust to like girls that is drity girl like boy because that is how it is suppust to go

this is simple all you have to do is keep dating the two girls bisides ami and you will get all og the items you need but when you date theyy have to be certain places

Answer I don't think that your question can be answered, as there is no Perfect first date that I've ever heard of. First dates are always a bit awkward to say the least, so if the two of you agreed to meet again perhaps it was perfect after-all. Good luck

Kevin Jonas says his perfect date is at the beach. he thinks it's so romantic!

All white girls are into the BBC.

yes he will only date girls that are 11 and 12.

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