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Have as little contact as possible with either of them. It's a challenge to do this at your workplace, but bringing in issues from your personal life into your job won't impress your supervisor. If you do have to speak to them about work, be polite but disinterested. Don't let your pain or anger show. Ignore any comments or behavior your ex may pull to get a reaction from you, if anyone makes any threats, notify your supervisor. Get out with friends, try to focus on other things other than your ex. Exercise--it's a great way to vent and get rid of stress, have fun on your days off work. Is there any way you could transfer to another department, or go to another shift? Start looking for a new job when you can, as this situation can be very stressful to your work ethic and your own health.

2006-07-19 14:07:44
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* ** * *

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