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You might consider adding some bubblers to your tank. You can set up a very basic system with a small air pump and some tubing. If you don't want the air to look like it's coming directly from under the rocks - you can get ships, treasure chests, or things along those lines to connect the air tube to.

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Q: How can you improve the aeration of a 5 gal tank for guppies?
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Can guppies live long in a 2.5 gal tank with a heater?

yes, they will live 2-3 years in tank like that.

What kinds of fish live in a 10 gallon tank?

I breed guppies in my 10 gal tank. They like temp between 70-80 and eat tropical fish food.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 1995 Ford F150 8 cylinder pu?

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What are some good friendly small colorfull fish for a 5 gal tank?

Guppies, Mollies, Platys and Danios are all good friendly small colourful fish. tom. ----

Can you put guppies and Betta togetherin one tank?

You could, but it may result in the death of your guppies. Some (most) bettas are extremely territorial and will attack the other fish in the tank with them. Some bettas are okay with being in a tank with others, but the vast majority end up picking off the other fish one by one. Mate them let them have sex a long nice SEX. it also depends on the size of your tank I have a 40 gal with a male crowntail betta and 4 male guppies and they ignore each other the betta pretty much ignores everyone and does his own thing

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20 gal

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