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You increase the window size on your Toshiba Satellite laptop to fill the LCD screen by choosing the manufacturer recommended resolution. This option can be accessed via the Windows Control Panel.

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Q: How can you increase the window size on your Toshiba Satellite laptop to fill the LCD screen?
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Where can you download drivers for toshiba satellite L 40 laptop?

You can get them from the Toshiba website, but screen drivers you will have to download from either Nvidia or ATI Radeon.

When printing print screen is larger than laptop screen and you cant scroll down to the print box help Toshiba Satellite?

You must resize the print screen. You can do this in paint.

Does a Toshiba laptop have a full screen?

no it is faint

How wide is the toshiba laptop computer screen?

The toshiba laptop computer screen size vaires on the model. There are normal screens and wide screens. You also have to checck the size of the screen. The size of the screen is from corner to corner.

What is the biggest laptop screen Toshiba makes?

The largest laptop screen that is produced by the computer maker, Toshiba, is 21 inches by 9 inches following the standard format of wide screen computer monitors.

Where is the card reader on the Toshiba Satellite L350-170 laptop?

The Toshiba Satellite L350-170 has an ExpressCard slot on the left hand side. To find it, if you are looking at your laptop normally, from a standard angle, turn the laptop chassis a full 90° to the right, so that the screen is perpendicular to you on the left side. You will then see the ExpressCard slot on the right hand side of this view. There are no other memory card slots on this laptop. For more information on the Toshiba Satellite L350-170, check out Toshiba's website:

What laptop computer offers fast speed as well as a large screen for movie downloads?

Toshiba Satellite Pro L350-S1701 with it's 17 inch screen and dynamic video memory and street price around a grand is a unbeatable combination and Toshiba name and your thier.

How do you fix Toshiba laptop when watching youtube and movies the screen goes black?

Just restart your laptop!

Where is the refresh button on a toshiba laptop?

To refresh a screen on a laptop you can do two different things. You can either press the refresh button on the internet browser or press the F5 button on your keyboard.

Is the F11 button the print screen button on the Toshiba laptop?

No, actually it's F13.

Does a Toshiba lap top have the certifications of energyy star?

Mine certainly does. I have a Toshiba satellite - and get the 'Energy Star' logo on screen during start-up.

What are the features one should look for on a Toshiba satellite laptop?

Some of the features of the Toshibas satellite laptop to consider are a wide screen, high definition display, Intel CPU, Eco options and a very reasonable price. There are also options for gamers with GE Force graphiocs cards and a good speaker system.

What is the best all around laptop?

I think a toshiba is because ive had a toshiba tv for 16 years and it still has good screen images and i like the way toshiba disgins, but toshiba is an expensiver brand

Toshiba satellite When you turn it on it goes to Toshiba screen then says check system hit F1 to continue but it keeps doing that no matter what you do Why?

bakwas, it is a manefaturing defact. retify it!

How do you take screen shot on toshiba satellite c675?

presss something and then something and sorry i dont know either

How do you unlock your toshiba laptop?

Click on the square with your name & icon on it (should be the only thing in the center of the screen).

How do you re-center the screen on your toshiba laptop?

Right click on desktop and select graphics properties.

Why does your dell laptop have a messed up screen? and

Can I use my iMac as a dual screen with my Toshiba laptop... I have a program on my laptop that is Windows only...but want to use my larger screen... I don't want to use Bootcamp?


How do you get rid of a vertical red line down a Toshiba laptop screen?

This is most likely a faulty laptop screen. A good computer shop should be able to replace broken parts to fix this.

From which companies can a laptop with a touch screen be purchased?

Many companies are offering touch-screen laptop computers, for use with the touch screen capability of Microsoft Windows 8. These companies include Google, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Acer.

Where is the print screen button on your toshiba satellite laptop?

Well, I think I founded it.. My Keyboard is in Spanish but I'd think it would be basically the same. It is the END button, the second button in the line on top where the numbers are.! Hope it helps.. ClaRys23

Will the Toshiba Standard Laptop Carrying Case fit any Hewlett packard Laptop Models?

Yes it will fit the largest models which is a 17 inch screen.

How do you do a screenshot an a Toshiba laptop?

Find the button that says "Print Screen" or "Prnt Screen" once you have found it, press what you want the screen to capture, and then Ctrl + V to paste it where you want it to go.

Your toshiba satellite a200 laptop will not go to the recovery screen when you press 0 while turning on as advised by various websites you do not have recovery dics as you didnt get any with your lapt?

well it should be the F10 or F12 button. There should be a hidden partition on the laptop that has the recovery CD on it. it will just load it from there. If you try both of those then most likely the recover partition is not there. Another thing you can do is either go to toshiba and order a recovery CD. Now keep in mind that some Toshiba don't have recovery partitions and you have to create your own recovery CD. The satellite series are notorious for this. I have seen this 1 to many times.