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How can you incubate duck eggs?


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Duck eggs need to be incubated since layed. Most breeds of duck dont sit on their eggs, until 6 months after starting to lay. Duck eggs need to be at a temp of around 37 degrees. Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs, so they are easy to tell the difference. Pekin ducks don't sit on their eggs, so broody chickens sit on the eggs for them. It is a good idea with pekin ducks to take the eggs since layed and put straight into an incubator. If you do not have an incubator put the eggs into an ice cream container with shredded paper and put a small hand twoel wrapped aorund the eggs and sit under a light warming the eggs to 37 degrees. The duck eggs take 28 days to hatch and each day move the eggs around so they get warm in every spot in the egg around 4 times a day. To test if the baby duck inside is alive do a candle test or open flame in the dark and see inside. Click the link down the bottom to read about candles

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YOU can incubate duck eggs in a incubator like cicken eggs but chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch and ducks take 28 days to hatch.

Check for embryos by candeling them(placing a light on the egg) and if they are still alive incubate them.

Chickens incubate their eggs to produce offspring.

You incubate the eggs for 6-12 weeks


99 degrees goodluck 99 degrees goodluck

If the hen turkey is nesting let her incubate the eggs. If you have a good broody chicken hen let the hen incubate the eggs.

Most ducks incubate and hatch their eggs in about 28 days. If your duck has been sitting on her eggs for 5 or more weeks, the eggs are likely infertile. If this is the case, you should remove the infertile eggs so the mother duck can get back to feeding and exercizing.

NO salmon dont incubate their eggs, fish dont incubate their eggs at all, they lay them and the male fish swims by the fish and releases the sperm near the eggs and they become fertilized outside of the female fish.

Both Female and Male Eagles incubate the eggs. They actually take turns.

Hello, you should incubate the eggs at around 84 degrees F :)

Yes. Male emus build the nest and incubate the eggs once the female has been enticed to lay them in the nest he has built. They will incubate the eggs of more than one female at a time.

Momma duck keeps the eggs warn and humid. Her body temperature is just right to incubate the embryo inside the shell. She guards the helpless eggs from predators and she rolls the eggs over several times per day to make sure all the nutrients the developing duckling need are available.

That happened to me last year. I bought an incubator and was able to hatch the eggs. Those same ducklings are now laying this year. As they lay, I gather the eggs and incubate. So, far we have 3 ducklings and about 6 in the incubator.

Wild ducks certainly do and many farms have ducks that set eggs each spring but there are hatcheries that incubate duck eggs just as most chickens are produced in a hatchery.

Wild ball pythons (royal python) do incubate their eggs. Most eggs produced by breeders are incubated artifically. For more information visit

Most ducks will stay on the nest and incubate their eggs for 27 days. They will not start incubating until the last egg has been laid, usually laying one egg per day.

duck eggs are a little bit bigger then chicken eggs

Slightly different temps and much different times. Chickens 100.5F for 21 days Ducks 99.5F for 28 days

they sit on it and their body heat keeps the eggs warm.

No if you touch duck eggs or alert the duck to the fact you know where her best is she may leave and or abandon the eggs

Duck eggs can survive for hours without the mother. Sometimes, mother ducks will leave the nest to find food, then come back to lay another egg and incubate the nest. As long as she regularly warms the eggs, she doesn't have to stay with them all the time.

It depends on the breed, some breed of ducks are more broody than others... There is nothing you can do to make a duck go broody and you can't stop a duck from being broody. When your duck starts to lay eggs don't take them away leave the eggs untouched when there are about 8-12 eggs laid in her nest she might go broody and incubate them until they hatch, while some other ducks will lay their eggs any place like in the middle of the garden, on the pen's floor etc,etc.... A broody duck will make a nest in a well hidden place and lay the eggs there.

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