How can you incubate duck eggs?

Duck eggs need to be incubated since layed. Most breeds of duck dont sit on their eggs, until 6 months after starting to lay. Duck eggs need to be at a temp of around 37 degrees. Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs, so they are easy to tell the difference. Pekin ducks don't sit on their eggs, so broody chickens sit on the eggs for them. It is a good idea with pekin ducks to take the eggs since layed and put straight into an incubator. If you do not have an incubator put the eggs into an ice cream container with shredded paper and put a small hand twoel wrapped aorund the eggs and sit under a light warming the eggs to 37 degrees. The duck eggs take 28 days to hatch and each day move the eggs around so they get warm in every spot in the egg around 4 times a day. To test if the baby duck inside is alive do a candle test or open flame in the dark and see inside. Click the link down the bottom to read about candles