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Most laptops manufactured within the last few years already have one or more USB cable ports. Mine has 4. If your laptop doesn't have one you might be able to get a USB port in a PCMCIA card, but check that your operating system can support it. As I remember, some versions of Windows 98 have a working USB support but anything older may not.

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Q: How can you install a high speed USB cable to your laptop?
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What does wireless high speed internet do?

Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

How do you use an ethernet port for high speed internet?

You first need to sign up for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They will hook you up with service and give you a cable or dsl modem. From there, install the cable or dsl modem, install the software they gave you on your computer, plug in the cable or dsl modem. you know should have HIGH SPEED!

What does a laptop need to access the internet?

You can connect your laptop to a dial-up connection, or you can use a high speed Ethernet cable to connect from your cable modem or Ethernet wall jack to your computer. If you want wireless internet, you will need a cable modem or an Ethernet wall jack and a wireless router.

What cable do i need to use my laptop with high speed internet if its not wireless?

Assuming it has a nic card (ethernet port) you can just use any CAT6 cable (ethernet cable/network cable). Any local computer store should have them.

I have a new laptop. I want to get internet access for it, high speed if possible. How do I do that?

If you have high speed at home via cable or DSL you can buy a wireless router and connect your laptop wirelessly to it via 802.11. If you don't already have service, you can purchase a cellular modem that will attach to your computer via USB. With that type of modem you can take your laptop anywhere there is cell service and be online.

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What does it mean to have high speed cable?

"High Speed" when used referring to cable is a term describing advanced resolutions and describing the bandwidth necessary to carry the audio signals.

what is the speed of at& high speed internet?

what is the speed of at& high speed internet”

Is 768 Kbps considered high speed?

yes it is dsl speed not cable.

What type of laptop is better for gaming?

high speed of RAM and processor can better support to laptop gaming.

Can you get high speed access without cable or land line What is the cheapest plan available ?

Can you get high speed access without cable or land line? What is the cheapst plan available?

What provides high-speed Internet connections through the cable television network?

An existing telephone network provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network. Cable internet is integrated into the cable television infrastructure analogously to DSL.

Hardware for high-speed internet access through the cable television network?

Cable Modem

High speed internet DSL or Cable?

Cable is way faster, however if your only option for cable is ComCast go with DSL.

What allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network?

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A cable allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network?


What cable allows access to high speed internet services through the cable television network?


Why do you need a laptop?

because the laptop going anywhere and your pc is not going another side and also that think laptop is high speed rather than another pc thats why i am using laptop

Which companies offer high speed internet and cable in Chicago?

There are many companies that offer high speed internet and cable in Chicago. Some of those companies include, TDS broadband services, and Hughesnet satellite.

Is Time Warner Cable a high speed DSL internet provider?

No, Time Warner Cable provides high speed internet, but it is not DSL. There is a moderate difference in speed between Time Warner's Cable internet services and a normal DSL provider, with Time Warner being faster and many times more reliable.

Where can someone find cheap high speed internet access?

Cable companies like Insight provide high speed cable Internet services, also known as "broadband". Most providers will even combine your cable Internet with your cable television allowing you to get both services for one low monthly price.

What companies in the San Francisco area offers high speed internet?

AT&T and Verizon offer DSL high speed internet in San Francisco, while Comcast provides high speed cable.

Can an RCN cable be used to receive high speed internet?

RCN Cable claims to be capable of providing all service of major cable companies: TV, phone, high-speed internet. However there are a number of reviews that indicate the service in certain markets is unpredictable at best.

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