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Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

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Q: What does wireless high speed internet do?
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Does Cricket offer wireless high speed internet service?

Yes Cricket does offer wireless high speed internet service. This is a wireless internet srvice with no contracts or credit checks.

Where in the zip code 77598 is the cheapest high speed wireless internet that is NOT comcast?

“Where in the zip code 77598 is the cheapest high speed wireless internet that is NOT comcast?”

what's the best high speed wireless internet price?

Of the major high speed wireless internet providers in the United States, COX and Verizon are the cheapest at $19.95 per month.

Who provides high speed internet in my area?

Verizon is nationwide and provides wireless internet i want high speed internet how do i get

Is high speed internet better than DSL for iMac Intel os?

DSL is high speed internet. High speed internet includes many different forms of internet access. DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, etc.

Do you need high speed Internet for wireless routers?

No, but it helps.

Where can I find more information about my wireless network adapter?

I have four computers running off my wireless network adapter and have never seen a change in the internet speed or conditions. I guess it depends on if you have high speed or dial up or on the internet provider you have but i have high speed internet and never had issue.

Where can on purchase a wireless high speed internet connection?

Many companies offer wireless high speed internet connection. A common company that many people have is AT&T. Other companies include Charter and CenturyLink.

Who is the best wireless internet provider in Ellensburg Washington?

Symplified Technologies has fast high speed Internet and their support is great! It is the best choice in high speed Internet for rural living.

Is wireless internet as fast as regular?

Wireless internet is very fast. Depending on the internet provider and the strenght of the signal the wireless internet can be as fast as high speed internet. Yes, wireless internet is as fast as regular internet. The speed depends on the carrier, though, and can vary by locations you are connected.

What percentage of the population in the United States has wireless high speed internet?

About 2 thirds of the population has internet service. Maybe a bout a third of those have high speed wireless. Many in rural areas still use dial up.

What is the difference between Dial-up and High Speed Internet?

Dial up is slow and high speed is fast and usually wireless

Comcast Wireless Internet for Your Business?

Comcast offers a great value on wireless Internet for your business. This cable giant offers high speed internet that will allow you to download files, send messages and surf the web at lightning speed. Order Comcast wireless internet for your business today and see how quickly you can be productive.

What are the subscriptions for EarthLink Internet Service?

One can get high speed internet, wireless internet and dial up internet subscriptions from EarthLink Internet Services. They offer high speed services for just $14.95 per month or a 4G plan for $29.95.

Is there wireless internet service available in Depeyster, NY?

High-speed Microwave, 3G, and Satellite Wireless Internet service are available to connects subscribers in Depeyster, NY.

Does AT&T have good High Speed Wireless Internet?

AT&T provides the best over all service and quality for wireless internet. Prices vary by region.

Where can one get cheap high speed internet?

High Speed Internet prices vary greatly based on amount of information transfer, speed, and location of computer modem, among other factors. The best place to find cheap high speed internet is by contacting Cox, Comcast, or other cable companies and compare wireless internet packages.

Does a DS have internet access?

DSI? Yes. DS? actually you can if you have high speed internet and and a wireless router.

What offers high speed internet to devices with built-in compatible technology or computers with wireless modems?

cable internet service

Do you need a wireless adapter with wireless internet to set up Xbox live?

No, but you do need high speed internet. You can set up xbox live using a wired connection.

is high speed wireless internet available at 2651 scotts bottom rd?

Yes it is. You can contact Comcast or Airpath Wireless. RCN Internet Solutions provides it for about $25 a month.

Who are the best providers for wireless internet for businesses?

These are some Wireless Internet providers, technologies, speeds and costs. Find the High Speed internet Service from 3G, WiMax, Satellite, 4G and Wifi providers.

Where could I get short-term high speed wireless internet service during the summer only?

A good solution for short term high speed internet will be a pay as you go service through a wireless provider. Cricket wireless offers relativity affordable options in which you pay per month but will require you to pay up from for equipment.

What is the cheapest wifi high speed internet in area code 32244 ?

What are the cheapest wireless internet provider in area code 32244? In Jacksonville, FL,32244,what are the cheapest wireless internet providers?

What is the difference between wireless broadband and other high speed wireless internet services?

The difference between wireless broadband and other high-speed wireless internet services is how the service is provided, either cable, dsl, etc. Broadband service is often touted as faster although, both have caps on speed and both speeds fluctuate based on internet traffic, how many people in your neighborhood are online at the same time, etc. The wireless aspect enables you to access the network remotely without having to plug anything into your computer.