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Well you could get a caged feeder which has a cage like sphere with holes in around it so that only small birds can get in it

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What eats bluebirds?

Cats, raccoon, foxes and sparrows killing babies.

Are native birds threatened by introduced birds?

Absolutely. Sparrows were introduced to the United States from Europe. They spread quickly and their numbers went up super high. The sparrows drove out native species, killing their eggs and young. I see sparrows all over the place now :(

How do you keep sharp-shinned hawk from feeders?

There is only one guarenteed way, short of killing the hawk, which is illegal. Stop feeding the birds for a few days, and the hawk will move on when birds stop coming to the feeders. After a few days, resume filling the feeders.

Why did Igbo try to secede from Nigeria?

Because of the mass killing of the igbos by northern nigeria.

Are people killing northern cricket frogs?

probably because humans love to kill stuff.

Are bird feeders good for the environment?

Bird feeders can attract a wide variety of birds to your yard and provide extra food for birds when natural resources are low. However, putting out feeders requires responsibility:Bird feeders and areas around feeders must be kept clean or they can cause spread of diseases. Cleaning and disinfecting (with bleach solution 1 part bleach to 9 parts water) should be done monthly. Old seed and waste matter on or under the feeder must removed.Feeders should be attached to windows or placed more than 30 feet from windows so when birds are frightened they have a chance to avoid the glass.If you notice a natural predator such as a Cooper's Hawk hanging around, remove the feeder for a few weeks. The predator will move on.Outdoor cats are a major problem, killing millions of wild birds annually. If you have outdoor cats, especially feral cats, in your neighborhood, then you should not put out bird feeders or hang them high out of reach of cats. Some people put no climb fences around their feeders.Most Birds visit feeders to supplement their diets and do not become completely dependent on feeders because they require a variety of foods to meet their dietary needs. However, if you keep feeders going through winter, do not cease filling feeders mid winter or during harsh weather as birds that are in the "habit" of visiting feeders, will have an easier time finding food.

What is killing the forests of northern Europe?

One example is Acid Rain from the fallout created by Nuclear Power Stations

How farmers spraying insecticides killing caterpillars and grasshoppers would impact on the other populations in the food web?

The sparrows may starve if they cannot find another food source, causing the subsequent possible starvation of the eagles. :)

Which side North or South did John Wilkes Booth affect the most by killing the president?

south that's why he killed Abraham was a northern

Can there be a tornado in northern Illinois?

Yes, tornadoes are not uncommon in northern Illinois. One the most notable of these was the F5 tornado that struck Plainfield, Illinois, not far from Chicago, on August 28, 1990 killing 29 people.

What was the third great pandemic?

began in northern China, reaching Canton and Hong Kong by 1894. From there, it spread to all continents, killing millions.

How do you stop sparrows from building a nest?

Aside from exterminating them (and there are far too many to make a dent in their population by killing them), the best way to keep sparrows from nesting is to deny them a place to nest. As these ubiquitous birds adapt well and all their nesting sites cannot be "removed" from the area, that will mean simply noting the activities of local sparrows to deduce that they are building a nest and nesting. Then locate and destroy the nest. This is a "best case" option. Unless you live in a rural area, using weapons to hunt and kill these birds is probably not a good idea. And as mentioned, there are far, far too many of these birds around to really put a crimp in their population.

What is the name of a book about a big bomb killing the whole northern hemisphere then the radiation kills everyone south with Australia last?

On the Beach by Nevil Shute

When do you harvest Jerusalem artichoke?

I am told that it is best to let the leaves die away before harvesting. in Northern climates the frosts do this killing, elsewhere I do not know

San Antonio TX F4 tornado?

An F4 tornado moved along the northern part of the San Antonio area on April 28, 1953, killing one person.

What are Freddie krugers hands for?

Killing..Killing..Killing.. Well he can't masturbate, can he?

In 1988 what ferris bueller actor was convicted of reckless driving after killing two women in his rented BMW in northern Ireland?

Your Answer: Matthew Broderick CorrectJohn Cusack Rob Lowe

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because its like killing a human

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The act of killing is prevalent and absolute in our current civilization, therefore, there is no distinction between the "act of killing in war and killing." The essence of the question, "is killing different then killing in war,"acquiesces the human mind to a state of relativity rather than a state of absolution. When in a state of relativity, justification of killing becomesin absolute.When in a state of absolution, killing is killing. Thus, we understand that we do kill, regardless of the relative nature in current human language.

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the Japanese are killing them to eat them

Malaysia justice for mercy-killing?


What is another word for 'killing?


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A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.A sword was a weapon. They were used for killing things.

How are we killing fish?

we are killing fish by are rubbish in the ocean and our great amount of fisher men killing them all !!