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you can try spraying vinegar in the car it is a bee repelant also try putting a couple of pest strips inside

try closing the windows

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:27:55
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Q: How can you keep bees from making hives in a car that sits in the driveway?
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Do all bees make the same hives?

Bees don't make hives. A hive is an artificial home provided by a beekeeper to keep his/her bees in.

What insect lives in a hives?

Beekeepers keep their honey producing bees in a beehive.

Where do sand bees keep there nests?

How to Kill Sand Bees. Sand bees or ground bees burrow down into the soil to build their hives.

Where can you find beehives?

Beehives can be found in a number of different places. Usually, bees make their hives high up in trees. Beekeepers will create synthetic hives for their bees, and usually just keep the hives in their back yards.

Why do bees make bee hives?

Obviously bees don't make the hives - humans do that. The hives we see today were designed to make it easier to keep bees and harvest honey. Before the current type of hive, it was necessary for the beekeeper to destroy the nest each autumn in order to take the honey.

Can you put moth balls in bee hives to keep moths out?

No. Unfortunately the moth balls will keep the bees out as well!

How bees form new hives?

Bees don't form new hives. A hive is an artificial home for bees supplied by a beekeeper so that he can keep his bees in a location that suits him. Once the bees have been put in the hive they will build comb inside the hive so that the queen can lay eggs and produce more bees and also create a 'larder' for the bees to store honey.

What do you call a place where for keeping and breeding insects?

Beekeepers keep and breed bees. They build large homes for the bees that are considered to be bee hives. The bees live and work in these man made beehives just the same as those they build.

Where do bees put there hives?

Bees don't put their hives anywhere. A hive is an artificial home supplied by a beekeeper to keep his honey bees in. Honey bees which are living wild, prefer to build their nests in a hollow within a tree where they will be protected from the weather and most predators. They also like to build under the eaves of houses. Bumble bees like to build nests in holes in the ground that have been abandoned by small animals.

Whats a bees home called?

A bee's home is called a hive. Many people keep bee hives so that they can regularly harvest their honey.

What are beekeepers?

Beekeepers are people who keep bees in hives for the honey that they produce. Most beekeepers throughout the world are hobbyists although there are some very large organisations who farm bees, for honey production or for pollination purposes.

How do humans build bee hives?

A hive is just a box (usually made of wood) that a beekeeper uses to keep his/her bees in. It is designed to be attractive to bees so that they will want to build a nest inside with wax comb.

Why are hexagopns in bee hives?

When bees are living in the wild, they always build the cells in their nest in a hexagonal shape. When beekeepers keep bees in a hive, they provide the bees with sheets of wax foundation with the hexagonal shapes imprinted on the wax. This encourages the bees to build their hexagonal cells in the location that the beekeeper wants.

Why are the honey bees dying?

Scienctist's say it's because theres some sort of disease in the air so there trying to keep bees away from each other so others don't catch it, that's why it's good to have hives in your gardens.

What do honeybees do on a very hot days to keep the honey come from melting?

well, hives are so dense and round and protctive, the heat can't come in as easily. the bees are constantly bringing in necter and pollen making it thicker, therefor, it is harder to melt. sometimes it does melt, but the bees are ready for it. the comb is deep so the honey doesn't come out. they just, keep adding, taking away, and growing honey so it is just right.

How does bees maintain their hives?

Honey bees spend approximately 10 days of their 6 week life span as 'house bees'. ie they act as cleaners and maintenance men looking after the hive (or nest in the wild). they tidy up after other bees, remove any debris and generally keep things clean and tidy. They also do any repairs to the combs that become necessary.

Driveway Paving?

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Do bees stay in their hives in the winter?

Bees don't hibernate, but they can't fly outside if the air temperature is too low, so in the winter they have to stay in the hive. As the temperature falls the bees will cluster together on the combs forming a ball of bees. They generate heat by shivering their flight muscles (without moving their wings) and keep the centre of the cluster at about 36°C (95°F). As the bees on the outside of the cluster become chilled they will move in towards the centre.

Where the honey bees live?

The natural home for the honey bee is in the hollow of an old tree. In urban areas they often live between the outer and inner wall of a building if they can get access which replicates a hollow in a tree. Beekeepers usually keep their bees in a hive and a group of hives together is called an apiary.

Does ammonia keep bees away?

Ammonia will not keep bees away or kill them. If you have a problem with bees on your property, contact a pest control company.

How do you get rid of bee hives?

We don't get rid of bee hives, we call a local bee club. They will come get them for free and maybe give you honey in trade. Bee hives have a great value beyond honey, its called pollination. A bee hive is not a swarm. A hive contains brood, honey, drones, workers and a queen, etc... A swarm is a group of bees and a queen looking for a new home. They are very easy to deal with and are a valuable asset to any beekeeper! So what ever the case, CALL A LOCAL BEEKEEPER! Keep the bees and don't pollute the honey with chemicals.

How do you stop your cat from chasing bees?

keep it inside where no bees can get in

Do people keep wasps do wasps have hives and are there places who breed wasps?

People normally do not keep wasp hives. Bee hives are kept for two reasons: to produce honey for consumption or sale, and to help pollinate crops. Wasps do not produce honey or pollinate crops. Some scientists who study wasps, called entemologists, may keep captive wasp hives for observation and study.

Will incense keep bees away?

Regular incense will not keep bees away. However, there are some types of incense especially made just to repel bees.

Can bees live inside?

Yes, bees can and do live indoors. Several botanical gardens keep bees.