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How can you keep birds away from your pool and backyard?

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I had a similar problem in my backyward that has no pool but does have a large concrete and wood deck patio covered by two large trees. The solution was given to me by my housekeeper. She suggested buying plastic snakes and hanging them around the trees and leaving them on the tables and chairs. At first it didn't seem to be working, but one week later, there were no bird droppings at all! $7 worth of plastic snakes at wal-mart solved the problem!

2006-06-23 17:19:16
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What would keep birds away from my dog food and pool?

If they are wild birds, keep the dog food INSIDE. they should not bother the pool, though.

Where can you find Mr. Flip the inflatable dolphin to keep birds away from the pool?

Mr Flip at

How do you prevent birds from pooping a swimming pool?

Birds need water and will hang around the pool to drink and preen their feathers. If you want to keep them away you most likely have to scare them off. Try a sound bird deterrent to scare them off.

How do you get your pool water clean when all?

mabey u should keep birds out of the pool from pooping in it.

Where do you get the snakes dolphins owls etc to keep the birds away from your swimming pool?

Look on or go to Wal-mart they should have them in the garden department

Keep ducks away from swimming pool?

There are a number of different methods you could use to keep ducks away from your swimming pool. You could for example cover or drain your pool when you are not using it.

How do you keep rabbits away from a swimming pool?

By putting a rabbit fence around the pool

How do you get rid of bird poop from an above-ground pool and what pool chemicals are needed?

The quickest way would be to net out as much of it as you can. In order to sanitize you pool water you will need to shock it with chlorine. However, check your water balance prior to adding chlorine. Birds are attracted to the swimming pool water and it will be difficult to keep them away. If you keep floating toys or objects in your pool when it is not in use consider removing them or keep your pool covered unless you are using it. A Solar cover would help your pool retain heat and keep the bird dropping out of the water!!

Is there any way to keep frogs away from swimming pools?

There is a solution! A new invention that allows frogs to escape from dying in inground pools. It is called the Critter ... How do you keep frogs away form pool? How do you keep frogs out of the pool? How can you deter tree frogs from pool?

How do you keep mice away from pool?

Mice are afraid of Cats. This is common knowledge. Therefore if you wish to keep mice away from your pool, simply fill it cats. Simple, but effective solution.

What was in Drew Carey's backyard?

pool table

Is there a pool in every backyard in Tucson Arizona?

No, there is not.

How does a frog get into a backyard and into your pool?

The frog jumps through the fence and jumps into the pool.

What can live in a clean backyard swimming pool?

People.And only people.Because of the chlorine in a backyard swimming pool anything that lives in there, (fish/sea creatures) will die.

How do you keep rats away from swimming pool?

BAITS>...................... SHOOT THEM . EAT THEM, GET CATS

How big is a normal backyard pool?

20 x 40

What should you do if you keep finding mice in your swimming pool?

Put moth balls around your pool area as they have been known to keep not only mice away but snakes also.

How do you keep seagulls away from pool?

What, are they pooping in it? My best bet is to place a pool cover over it after each use to prevent them from getting in it

How do you get toddlers to swim on the sims 3?

bring them to the pool if it doesn't work then build a pool in your backyard and put them in it

What type of pool service do I need to clean my pool?

I wanted to start having pool parties in my backyard. My pool looks dark and dingy. Would a pool service clean It?

Will a salt water pool keep ants away?

Maybe under the paver surrounding the pool but it should not make any particular difference

What might you put in your backyard if you have children?

swingset, fence, pool, sandbox

Are garden snakes harmless?

No,they are always in my backyard pool and they rarely come out

Do grasshoppers like swimming pools?

Yes, for my pool anyway...It's summertime and I have a salt water pool. Tons and tons of grasshoppers, which in turn increases the number of birds in my backyard, which in turn increases the bird poop in my yard! I'm going to try to spray around the pool with soapy water and see if that helps.

How can you keep dragonflies away from the pool?

Bear traps and BB Guns. Or you could just move.