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Feed and grain outlets sell anti peck products used to help stop and heal this problem however the problem may persist even after treatment.

If most of the damage is done at night while roosting you may want to separate the hen for a few days. Also consider putting up an extra roost,as she may move away from the bully. She is probably weakening from prior attacks and now is the target for all. Adjust lighting in the coop as any light getting in will cause pecking. Coops need to be as dark as possible for the birds to settle down.

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Is it possible for full grown roosters to get along at all?

No no roosters get along at all they will fight to the death. Roosters will share a chicken coop. One rooster will establish dominance and the others will maintain a pecking order.

Does any breed of rooster crow less than others?

Roosters generally crow to protect the flock. While some individual roosters may crow less than others, there is no specific breed that is quieter.

Why do pigeons touch their feathers with beaks?

They preen their feathers in order to clean them, and they clean others' feathers for grooming and social contact

Who will win in nrl 2010?

The Sydney Roosters! WOOOH They are sooo good with Carney, Pearce, Anasta, Minichiello, Kenney-Dowall and all the others. ROOSTERS ROCK

What kind of animals can be found in Columbia are like more than others?

Chickens and roosters.

How many feathers can fit in 1000ft x 1000ft x 500ft box?

It depends on the size of the feathers. They vary greatly in size: from the wing feathers of some birds to the downy feathers of others.

What is the phobia of fear of picking up germs or diseases from others?


What type of rooster has feathers that stick up on it's head?

Sounds a lot like a SILKIE rooster. There are others with large feathers on the top of the head. The Dutch Crested (Polish) and Silkies are among the few who have feathers on the head. See related links below to see others.

What color are roosters?

Roosters (cocks) come in a variety of colours depending on their breed. Some may be all white with the typical red comb, while others can be a flurry of colours ranging from blacks, greens, golds and browns.

Why do chickens peck?

Hens peck, usually at any approaching animal while laying eggs and when they feel threatened. Roosters however, peck to establish dominance among others and to fight; although, roosters usually use their feet.

What land animal has feathers?

I'm sure theres others, but one is the Ostrich.

What is the Symbolic meaning of black crows?

That would totally depend upon the tribe. To many tribesmen, crows meant nothing. To others they are harbingers of evil. To still others they mean an impending death and to others, they have really nice feathers to use in prayer feathers, headdresses etc.

What are the characteristics of bulling?

Teasing, picking on others, acting like you are better than others, and physically harming are all characteristics of bullying.

What does a rooster do in the morning?

Roosters are known to crow at the break of dawn, but they can actually crow at any time of the day. They do so to proclaim their territory. Some roosters crown almost constantly while others only crow a few times a day.

Why are your chickens eating feathers?

Feather picking is often a problem of space in the chicken coop. Hens will peck at each others feathers trying to force the one next to them to move over and after a few days of this it can be quite damaging and lead to cannibalism within the flock. Hens who lose the most feathers can go from being the dominant bird to the victim of flock aggression and death in a matter of days. Once blood is drawn, the victim needs to be removed from the flock until all open wounds are healed.

How long does it take for chickens to accept a rooster into the flock?

It depends, some roosters are immediately accepted, others may day a week or so

What are some inheritive trats of a chicken?

Definetly emotions. Like I have this one line of roosters, and they;re all mean, while others are nice.

Types of chicken BREED?

There are many chicken breeds - here is a list of some: Cochin Wyandotte Rock (as in Barred Rocks) Maran (they lay very dark brown eggs) Rhode Island Red Speckled Sussex Silky (soft, almost furry feathers) Frizzle (feathers turned backwards - it's actually a mutation that can occur in any breed) Aracauna/Americana Leghorn Jersey Giant Turken (also known as naked neck) Orpington Phoenix (the roosters are bred to have extremely long tail feathers) Polish (crested) Sebright (bantam) Welsummer Barnevelder And there are many others!

Why eagle shed feathers?

Some young eagles shed their downy feathers early and wear the dress of grown-up birds. Others keep some or all of their baby feathers five or six years. And there are some very old eagles still wearing some of the downy feathers of their first dresses.

When can you tell if you have a rooster?

By the time a rooster is 4-6 months old it should start to crow. If you have others of the same breed to compare it to you can look at the Comb, as roosters will generally have a larger comb. Roosters also tend to be more colorful, hens tend to be more bland in color.

Words that have th in them?

Others, Feathers, Tetherball, together, leather, whether, weather, deaths, bethany, heather

How would a member of the onondaga tribe wear the feathers on his gustoweh to show that he is a member of that tribe?

Your question supposes that all Onondaga men wore a gustoweh all the time as a tribal identification, which is not true. Furthermore, the idea that all Onondaga gustoweh simply had two upright eagle feathers is also untrue, despite the simplistic illustrations published on many modern websites. Different makers of gustoweh would arrange the feathers in different ways; some Ondondaga examples have just two upright eagle feathers; others have one vertical and one at an angle; others have two eagle feathers and another feather attached as a kind of pendant hanging at the rear; others have many other types of feather as well as the eagle feathers. Different makers would also cut the feathers to different heights, some being cut quite short, others left untrimmed at full height. See link below for an image of a real Onondaga gustoweh:

What age does a rooster start crowing?

It depends. Some roosters start crowing when only 2 months old while others start at about 5 months old.

Animals with feathers?

The only animals living today which have feathers are birds. All birds are in the taxonomic class Aves. In many cases, feathers give birds the ability of flight. Others, such as the ostrich, cannot fly. For all birds, feathers can serve as insulation. Some species, including the peacock and bowerbird, have males with very elaborate feathers which they display during mating rituals. Fossil evidence indicates that some species of carnivorous dinosaurs had primative feathers. This suggests an evolutionary link between reptiles and birds.

What body covering did Dinosaurs have?

Some dinosaurs had thick scaly skin like today's reptiles while others had feathers.

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