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If he is the legal age of majority in the state where you reside all that is necessary is that you ask him to leave your property. If he refuses to leave voluntarily you can request the authorities to assist you. If there are mitigating circumstances, for instance he is still attending high school, you may need to petition the court for termination of parental obligation/rights. The legal age in most states is 18, in Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Even if he is a minor, if there is "just cause" you have the option for filing a request in juvenile court to have him removed from the home and placed in the custody of the state.

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Q: How can you kick your son out of the house?
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What age can you kick your son out of the house at in Oregon?

27 or 30

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In Michigan can you kick an 18 -year- old son out?

Yes a parent can kick an 18 year old out of the house.

Can you kick out your son if he has a child?

No. Having a child is not a legitimate reason to kick your son out of the house, unless he is already over the legal age for doing so (and then, you don't need any reason at all).

Can your husband kick your son out of the house?

Your husband can only kick your son out of the house if he is at least 18 years old, and he is the sole owner of the property. If you also own the house and disagree then your husband may have a problem since you each have the right to the use and possession of the whole premises. Perhaps you should consult with an attorney.

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Not permanently.

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