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How can you kill Spanish Moss?


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The following materials are licensed for control of Spanish moss and/or ball moss: TC Tribasic Copper Sulphate, Blue Shield, Basic Copper 53, Micro Flo Basic Copper 53, Micro Flo Copper 3 FL. It should be noted that there is evidence that copper-based herbicides and fungicides may cause damage to tender growth on oak trees. As with all herbicides, when using these materials read and follow label directions carefully.

Hand removal of Spanish moss is possible and can be done successfully on small trees by standing on a ladder or using a pole. For larger trees, a basket-truck or "cherry-picker" is usually necessary. The procedure is labor intensive and costly. Homeowners would be well advised to consider the ecological benefits of Spanish moss and let the plant grow unless heavy infestation is endangering the health of the tree through reduced light. In such cases, hand removal of the denser festoons coupled with judicious pruning of light-suppressed branches will usually restore the tree to a more attractive and healthier condition. Hand removal of ball moss is possible as well. Use caution, as tearing out of firmly attached clumps may damage twigs, opening the way for secondary infection by fungi or insects.