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Pregnant hamsters tend to get aggressive.

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Q: How can you know if the hamster is pregnant or just fat?
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How do you know is a dwarf hamster is pregnant?

They get really round and they look fat.

Can a Syrian hamster be pregnant for two months?

I don't think that is possible... She may just be a fat hamster.

Can your fat boy hamster be a pregnant female?

If it is male then it cannot be pregnant.

How do you know when a female dwarf hamster is pregnant?

She will get a little fat and she will eat more and drink alot of water

What happens when a drawf hamster has a huge butt?

it is girl and it is pregnant or it is fat

Your male hamster is getting fat what are some fun things to do with him?

It may be a pregnant female.

How do you tell if a drawf hamster is pregnant?

you can tell a female hamster is pregnant by seeing if the hammy is fat around the belly and put the hammie's belly up to your hammie's tummy is moving.

You just mated your hamster she made a nest you heard it takes a little for it to get fat is she pregnant how long does it take for a tortise shell hamster to give birth?

Most hamsters are only pregnant for around 16 days, so if you don't have and babies for over 20 days, she is probably not pregnant.

How do know you if your hamster is fat?

He is not fat enough yet, you need to feed him more before baking. the only way to make sure if ur hamster is over weight is to check the ordinary sizes of that type of hamster. If the hamster is fat then put it on a diet

How do you know if your hamster is over weight?

ID wow. :( you just do not know things do you. HA! ok you should ask how big your hamster should be on internet on a hamster website and if it is bigger or fatter than it said how fat it should be at a certain age then it is overweight

Is a hamster fat?

Only if you feed it a lot of food or give it too many unhealthy treats. They are not supposed to be fat. Hamsters should have a balanced diet and be happy. Also the hamster might be pregnant.

How do you know if your pigeon is pregnant?

they are fat

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