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You have to take a ultrasound.

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Q: How can you know that the baby heart is beating when you six weeks pregnant?
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When does the baby's heart start beating?

between four and six weeks.

What should you expect at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

The mother should now look pregnant, she can feel the baby moving inside her and the baby's heart should be heard beating.

What will happen if a9week baby pregnant the heart is not beating what is the cause is not dagerous to baby please help you?

Whatch ya been smokin? can I have some?

Is it too early to hear the baby's heart beat at 5 weeks pregnant?

You can't normally hear the heart beat until 6 weeks

How many days after conception does a human fetus begin to have a heartbeat?

At 5 weeks pregnant there should be a heartbeat. No, this is incorrect. The baby's heart starts beating between 6 & 8 weeks of pregnancy. If a pregnant woman were to read this and then have an ultrasound at 6 weeks an have no heartbeat yet, she might be devastated. Get your facts straight, please.

What is a normal fetal heartbeat at nine weeks pregnant?

Oncew the baby's heart starts beating it stays more or less the same until after it is born. It can be anywhere from 120-160 and it varies over the day.

When does a baby's heart start beating?

7 days after conception [EDIT] Actually its closer to 5-6 weeks after conception.

When exactly does a babys heartbeat start?

The baby's heart starts beating between 5-6 weeks and can be seen on ultrasound.

What does it mean if you are 10 weeks and theres no heart beat and a sack w no baby?

That you're not pregnant

What is th latest time you can have a miscarriage while pregnant?

My baby's heart stopped at 14 weeks

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my baby's heart beat was 170 am i having boy or girl?


Is it to early to see the baby's heart beat when 3 to 4 weeks pregnant?

Yes. The earliest you would be able to detect a heart beat is 5 weeks.

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