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if you cant stop thinking about them and love spending time with them

then you most likely like them

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How do you know like someone?

You like someone by being attracted to them....

How do you know you like him?

I know I like someone when I think of them with good feeling.

You like someone but how do you know if they like you?

Ask them.

What do you do if you like someone but they don't know?

You let them know.

What if you like someone you don't know?

You get to know the person!

You know someone is planning to hurt someone you like what should you do?

warn the person you like

How does the brain like someone?

The brain will know if you like someone or not. Your instances tells your brain.

How do you know someone like you?

if you want to know if someone likes you just ask them or get someone else to ask for you. coz you nerver know unless you ask

What makes you start liking someone?

In my opinion, you start to like someone when you get to know them. Usually you like someone because of their personality. It comes naturally when you start liking someone. It can be when your young, or old, it doesn't matter. You'll know you like someone when you start being more nervous around them then usual. It helps if you know they like you too.

What is the difference between thinking someone is cute and liking that person?

You can have a crush or be infatuated from afar with someone you don't know or even may know a little but when you feel you like someone you will like them as an individual and know them.

What do you do if you like someone but they like someone else?

If you really "like" the person and you know you they "like". Look for the qualities that make the person you "like" enjoys the most in the other person. If you don't know; move on.

You like someone but you dont know that he likes you or not?

ask them. or get someone you know to ask them

How do you know that someone you like likes you back?

well, if they like you.

How do let someone know that you like them?

Tell them.

How do you know if you like or love someone?

If you want to be with them

How do you know when you like someone even if you do not know him?

Love at first sight

What do you do when you like someone but don't know if he has a girlfriend?

Ask him, get to know him better!

How do you like someone who you barely even know?

As u know its right for you

What do you do when you like someone you dont even know?

talk to them get to know them better

How can you get a crush on someone?

A crush develops when you may see someone you like, meet someone but don't know them or know them but is an object of our infatuation.

How you know he like you?

just ask him if he like or if he like someone other then u?

How do you know someone you don't know?

You probably know someone with their same personality and the two are alike, so it's like you already know the second person.

If you like someone and you dont know if thay like you?

All you can do is ask them.

What do I do if I like someone and they don't know who I am?

Introduce yourself and tell them you like them

What if you like someone and they dont like you back?

yeah i like someone in my class and i think he likes someone else but im sure jus go up to him and talk to him to know him better and then he/she might like you that's what im going to do when i am ready and then when you know him/her then you can ask him/her out.