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Answer First of all I don't believe for one moment that he loves you or he wouldn't have other girls in his place, and he would have introduced you as his girlfriend, which you say he didn't. Sometimes we have to use our brains and ask ourselves why he wouldn't introduce us as a girlfriend or boyfriend and come to the conclusion that either he's not proud of you or he wants the other girl to think you are only a friend, maybe he's sleeping with the two of you. I'd move on if I were you.

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If a girlfriend works in the same place with a ex boyfriend will she still flirt with him?

If it is an ex-boyfriend, then it shouldn't matter...right?

Why do you feel like you need a girlfriend?

Each person is different. There is never a correct general answer for this. The best way to figure this out by looking at your own life. Let's say you never had a dad that cared about you, you may want a girlfriend/boyfriend to put in place of the missing father/son or father/daughter relationship. Or maybe you want a girlfriend/boyfriend for sex. [i put bf/gf in the place of girlfriend because there are some people who may not hind this question with it saying boyfriend instead of girlfriend]

Is it possible for ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend to get back together after a break-up because the boyfriend thinks he does not love her anymore but has gone to France shortly to overcome feelings?

what the boyfriend thinks he feels is probably true. those feelings will only get stronger. getting back together is a bad dead end relationship that will end badly. And if he doesn't think he loves his girlfriend he never loved her in the first place.

Where is the best place to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend?

you are a sad person for asking this on the Internet........................the movie theater.

Do a guy loves his girlfriend if he willing to cheat on her and even mentions her to the other woman?

No, because of the fact that he cheated in the first place

How do you meet Miley Cyrus?

Be in the same place where she is, and have someone introduce you to her. Be in the same place where she is, and get someone to introduce you to her.

Good vacation spot for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Anywhere where you both like it. Don't lie about if you like it or not, though. A good place would have to be the beach for me that's where I'd take my boyfriend.. :)

Did Quorra and Sam Flynn become boyfriend and girlfriend in Tron Legacy?

I think they did, since Quorra had no other place to go.

Can boyfriend just kick out girlfriend?

It has a lot to do with whose name is on the lease or deed. The owner of a place can have another person leave.

What if my boyfriend is too busy at work and school and he has no time for me?

Then he has no time for you. If he loves you he will make time for you and if he doesn't then it was never meant to be in the first place.

What does it mean when you tell your ex boyfriend that your happy for him and his new girlfriend but he say's he cant say the same to you because that was suppose to be you in her place?

You should have had him explain what he meant such as whether he wished you were his girlfriend now or, he's rubbing your nose into the fact he has a new girlfriend and if you had played your cards right then you would have remained with him. If he really cared about you he could leave his girlfriend to be with you if you do not have a boyfriend at present.

If your husband says he loves you and you guys are separated and has a girlfriend how do you know if he still loves you?

I would say that it depends on your relationship. Why did you guys separate in the first place? How long were you together? And how is your relationhip now? Do you guys still talk?

Can you get a boyfriend on saints row two?

You go to a place and there one person from your gang girl or boy call them to help u out and that's how u get a boyfriend or girlfriend on saints row 2 or the third one

Why is you and your boyfriend always fighting?

A girlfriend and boyfriend always fighting is an indication of a breakdown in communication. Get to the root of what's causing the fight, the real issue - once that is resolved, everything else will fall into place and harmony will be restored

How do you know that your boyfriend loves You?

Ask him - You can go to a place where there aren't a lot of people, or go to a park and swing and ask him if he loves you.If he reminds you he loves you everytime he sees you, startes at you or looks into your eyes with amazement, likes to touch you whenever he can (tickling, hugging, holding you hand, grabbing your waist...) or becomes somewhat possessive over you he probably loves you.

If your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is really mean to you and your boyfriend doesn't believe you what should you do?

Talk with the ex-girlfriend sort of put her in her place beat the crap out of them and then send their body to the north pole jail!!!!!! they will like it there dont worry!!!!!

What is live in partnership?

you are not married but live together and have a relationship through living in the same place, its very similar to having a boyfriend or a girlfriend but is usually more serious.

Is having a ex good for you?

its definatly cheaper well to be honest with you it can be if you get new boyfriend/girlfriend and then you feel fine abut it but however if you have a old boyfriend /girlfriend and no one else is interested in you well thgen it can be quite lonley and upseting for you and by the way if you have a boyfriend /girlfriend hears a lil ryme you can use im not a single pringle im a taken bacon love youu from Hannah Montana MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR LOVE for more advice go to

If you have never pashed a guy before and your boyfriend is going to pash you tomorrow what do you do and how do you pash him?

let fall in place it will turn out great or tell him if your not ready and if he really loves you he will stay with you 4eva good luck :) let fall in place it will turn out great or tell him if your not ready and if he really loves you he will stay with you 4eva good luck :)

Is gregg sulkin straight?

dang right he is !! there've been even some rumors that he loves SELENA GOMEZ !! and she loves him back !! their relationship has got really close since he started acting at "Wizards of Waverly Place" as her boyfriend !! everyone knows thaat !!

What does it mean when a girl is not in the place for a boyfriend?

That she isn't ready to have a boyfriend yet or she is to busy for a boyfriend.

You have two boy friend and you dont know which who loves you more?

Have each boyfriend over to your place at different times and have wild sex with each of them. The one that gives the best sex...stick with him.

Why people should go camping?

people should go camping because it gets some fresh air into you. it is also a good place to take a friend, or a girlfriend or boyfriend

Your boyfriend and you broke up because you fought about his daughter all the time Why does he always stand up for his 18 year old and not you Then he got a apartment so she would have a place to live?

If its his only daughter then he probably cares for her alot. Perhaps something happened between the daughter and him that makes him pretty much obligated to for the rest of eternity and didn't realize that you were more important and that she needs to be more mature and responsible and get a place for herself without her fathers help. Honestly, a son or daughter is more important than a person's boyfriend or girlfriend, no matter how much the person loves you.

Where would be the best place for you and your boyfriend to playful wrestle?

No place.

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